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Thread: Th11 order

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    Th11 order

    I am a new th11 so all defenses are maxed th10 . I just wondered as my main priority is troop upgrades what to do with gold whether I should upgrade walls or upgrade defenses . I also have war medals and didn't know whether I should buy wall rings or loot.Also an order of defenses would be appreciated .

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    IMO spending medals on loot or wall rings is a a waste as loot is reltively easy.
    I'd send it on builder potions if you are hyper active farmer or hammers if you are less active. Which hammer depends mostly on you. Do you mind having a hero down? If not maybe hammer of heroes.
    Have you upgraded storages? No? Maybe hammer of building for clan castle
    Lab is up and you want a war troop fast? Hammer of Fighting and knock out loons, healers, bowlers, or witches.
    Don't like raiding with a barrack on upgrade? Hammer the electro dragon barrack.
    So many possibilities.

    As for gold until you knock out the bulk of your elixir upgrades - cheap short new stuff to manage builders, walls, and the 4 Elixir storage which you'll need to upgrade troops in the lab.
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    Ok thanks for your advice I had not considered builder potions and as I'm pretty active may be helpful to get defenses done as I have done all storages and a few barracks.

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    Also do you think defenses before walls or other way round.

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    I used my medals on my cc and lab first then heroes and camps then used extra gold on getting my new TH11 defenses caught up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Townie View Post
    Also do you think defenses before walls or other way round.
    It depends how active you are and how much you focus on the elixir upgrades. It's more a personal choice. Also if your main focus is farming and CWL getting the eagle and any other new defenses and walls is an early priority.

    If you focus more on regular constant war hold off on the eagle until you have full TH11 offense, a warden L10+ and at least one war army comp maxed out in the lab.

    The other defenses is personal choice (when every you plant the eagle just upgrade it to 2 when it's done) but I'd do them
    Bomb Tower

    Traps can be used to space out builders.

    As for the builder potion if you have 5 builders busy each builder potion saves 45 hours of total builder upgrade time. Obviously this only helps if you have the loot to keep them building when they finish. But they are awesome if you can use several of them with 2 or 3 heroes and something like a barrack or dark barrack on upgrade.
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    You should upgrade your walls asap, then with your dark elixer, farm for your heroes as for the elixer try to upgrade as much troops & spells as you can! I recommend to farm between Crystal l - Champs.

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    If you aren't planning to buy any gems in the near future, I would recommend the hammer of building to upgrade the Clan Castle. Without that, you can't upgrade the CC until you've upgraded all 4 gold storages, which sucks away valuable elixir from more important upgrades like the Grand Warden or army camps.

    I just went to TH11 on my 2nd account, here's what I did:

    As soon as your TH11 is ready:
    -Hammer of Building on Clan Castle
    -Use elixir to start Lab upgrade, use a Book of Building if you have it to complete
    -If you are a war player, use Hammer of Fighting and Hammer of Spells (if you have them) to instant upgrade the Dragons and Bats. Now you have a war army. If you are a farmer, healers are probably a better bet early. Depends on what you use to farm.
    -Start some dark research to burn off the built up dark elixir, perhaps bowlers.

    After all that, focus on getting the warden to level 5 as a priority. If you are an active raider, you may need to do a King or Queen upgrade while you are working all the elixir to burn off DE.

    I wouldn't dedicate more than 2 builders for upgrading gold buildings (ideally only 1). Do camps, heroes, and the barracks as your priority. Working on walls is not a bad thing early on as they are never ending so it's good to keep putting loot on them at all times.
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    Hammers to cc upgrade. Saves having to do the four x gold storage first.

    You said you wanted to pursue a troops first path. Good plan. You want lab and four camps. Lab cuz you can then use a power potion to max troops for war. Camps to bring your army to full TH11 strength. If you have a few medals left, builders potions give you a lot of bang for the buck, as long as you can keep five builders working. If you are farming the elixir, it pays to have one builder to dump gold into walls until you get these first elixir upgrades done. If you have medals stockpiled you may not have to farm elixir, in which case you can have the fifth builder working.

    If you put away enough medals to buy builder potions, you could even do these six upgrades all on one prep day. In that case we can watch for your opponent clan to show up on the forums to complain about how unfair you are, because you had a plan and saved your medals.

    Short version.
    Hammer the CC.
    Builder potion the lab
    Builder potion 4 x camps.
    Use a power potion.
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    No way should you buy wall rings or resources.

    Knock out things that give you an advantage immediately, like your CC, army camps, lab.

    I took my second acct to 11 from max 10 right before the very first CWL and used hammers from the first two CWLs on 3 army camps, my CC, 2nd upgrade on the Eagle and the 5th level of my miners (my preferred farming troop). I think this gave me a significant farming advantage right off the bat and help set me up for future CWL's being defensively ok and having a good attacking army. I did not participate in regular wars at all though.

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