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Thread: Warden drives me crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelms View Post
    Tell me why does the Warden don't follow sieges?
    Air warden doesn't follow ground troops unless there are no air in his aura. However as for ground GW I can't say. I've never had him not follow the seige...granted I usually have a mass of bowlers following the seige....

    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeStormz123 View Post
    Well I have seen warden lag behind with 2-3 minions or pups even when there is large group of loons ahead, so I don't think he always goes with the largest group or maybe he joins them after sometime but it is too late sometimes, and he can't make it to them when the ability is needed most.
    If the mass of loons is outside of his aura he won't leave some air troops to go to that mass. He only switches when they are in his aura...well he tries to stay in the center. Hastes/rages often will take that mass out of his aura before he "realizes" and moves with them...particularly if he is helping destroy a building. It's one reason I like to use his GW ability somewhat prevent the chance of this from happening.

    Frankly the one logic I hate the most is the healers switching to him from the AQ and never switching back because he stays just far enough behind her so that she never gets back in the healer vision. To resolve this it would be nice if the healers had a 2nd level aura...for when the unit they are healing is at 100% they can "search" for someone knew to heal.
    This could be similar for the GW...say once the number of troops in his aura is under 5 (units...aka 1 loon or 5 pups)....he expands his search for a larger group.

    Both of these ideas would solve a lot of the problems we have...but I think would be a nightmare to code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NechanicaL View Post
    Although he was sent after all the soldiers, he went to the forefront and died from guided mines in electro attack (2 times)
    My advice is to NOT have him on air for edrag attacks, as they are so slow, he almost always out-moves them and dies from AD's. I've got clan mates that have been doing that and its been bad for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelms View Post
    Air Warden is bugged.
    He sometimes stays ahead and boom! Seeking air mine kills him, or when we forgive to release him, them he stays hitting some building instead of following troops.
    The most important change in AI is that one of the Warden. Mainly air Warden.
    he is not 'bugged'. It takes a lot of time to configure&write his AI.
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    I must say that I consider my air warden more stupid than my ground warden
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    This war my GW moved off my QW to support an edrag clearing some corner buildings once the edrag died he did not move to main army either just stayed in the corner by himself until he died.
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    I've noticed his AI is a bit strange with lavapups. I'm assuming the lavapups, even if there's only a few, still counts as the 30 housing space of the lavahound and so if you don't have 7 or more loons close by, the GW will prioritize whatever the pups are hitting.

    It seems the only way to completely avoid this is by dropping GW a little later, possibly once you need the ability on loons (Like when you need them for the Giga Tesla explosion). It kinda sucks to have to deal with. That, on top of the whole SAM 1 shotting a Warden. Which is not something you can account for.
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    The queen also acting weird these days . One of my fellow clan member got 2 star in the war because of the queen AI. But the attack was 3 star ,it's the reason of Queen AI which made it to 2 star the attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelms View Post
    Tell me why does the Warden don't follow sieges?
    Seige counts as one troop space.
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    Thatís because you are using him wrong. Heís a tank not a support troop 🤪

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallen01 View Post
    he is not 'bugged'. It takes a lot of time to configure&write his AI.

    Yep ....and it's not easy to program how he always cares the troop which is most far away from all the action.
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