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Thread: Game manipulation or what I think

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    Game manipulation or what I think

    Hello HD team!
    I entered the forum so I could contribute to the development of a great game. I have one thing that one can think of. It takes several weeks, maybe months.

    I play the Champions League, and in some situations you are throwing under the legs. It happens regularly, and I think it does not make a game that should work in random mode.
    When performing tasks in a derby:
    1. visitors to the city (9x visitor) - Inviting from the visitor's neighbor and 90% probability of the goods being Blanket, Pillow, Diamond Ring and similar "heavy" or missing goods,
    2. visitors to the city (9x visitor) - the arrival of the new train the desired visitor does not appear, or a maximum of one. Greg will never offer a missing visitor,
    3. tasks in the derby are still repeated, sometimes a small change. Some goods have too much (Red Berry Cake, Tofu Dog, Blue Wolly Hat, Bacon and Eggs, Honey Toast, ....)
    4. I want to prepare for a derby and save my visitors. The task never comes (23 x town visitors). This also applies to machines,
    5. HD Event Calendar - if there is a car delivery bonus (XP, vouchers, ...), you will almost always put up heavy tasks and goods,

    and perhaps more.

    I miss more casual mode and spontaneity of the game.

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    I have been in different leagues and neughborhoods so I cannot say for certain it was Championship league but we get the 23x town visitors derby task. It’s one of my favorites and I try to do it more than once.

    I miscounted once and I did find that the train did not send the visitor I needed but fortunately a neighbor had the one I needed and sent her for me.

    I appreciate the derby I usually do derby tasks that I would already be doing so for me it feels like a bonus because we get horseshoes and cool prizes. I noticed it works better with neighbors in different time zones who communicate with each other. I don’t really have an issue with the derby tasks that come up.
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