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Thread: Town helps not working

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    Town helps not working

    Iíve tried filling town help orders on several farms, and they donít register as completed. The help flag doesnít go away and the items arenít taken out of my barn.

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    I just helped a friend in their town. Help symbol briefly went off then back on and same items were needed. My donations WERE deducted from my barn. (Android)
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    I’ve had it happen both ways this morning, at one town the items were taken, another one they were still in my barn (iOS)

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    Iím having the same problem with both truck and town tasks. The items are staying in my barn, but I am trying to complete a derby task, and it wonít let me help any town or truck tasks. The tasks are not Neighborhood tasks and they have not already been filled. The help sign stays up for someone to help. It looks like this has been going on for over 24 hours, why hasnít this been addressed?

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    I’m having the problem now as well, iOS user. Just took a help task, but can’t help people’s towns.

    Edit: apparently it’s a periodical thing, just filled one now. Even more infuriating that it only works sometimes.
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    I had this happen quite a bit during this Global help event. It also does it to me on the truck order helps. I am on android.
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