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Thread: Level 15 Clan Looking to Rebuild- NOT SUPER SERIOUS!!

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    Level 15 Clan Looking to Rebuild- NOT SUPER SERIOUS!!

    Sloppy Seconds

    About Us:

    Sloppy Seconds is an active LEVEL 15 adult-ish war clan. We are a group of veteran players looking for a few talkative members to join our rowdy bunch. After a long day of work/school this is where we come to unwind so the vibe is not too serious or hardcore. Our attacks may be a little bit sloppy but as long as we win (or at least try) it's all good. In fact, even if you are terrible if you chat we will love you.


    1) Age- technically we are an adult clan but there have been exceptions made. If you're young you probably won't like it here- we are old(er)

    2) All of our clan speaks ENGLISH. It is important to be able to communicate during war. Be willing to learn and perfect your war attacks. Advice is always welcomed, as well. We also communicate through clan mail so it is important to check your messages.

    3) DONATE- you must be willing to donate. Try to balance your requests/donations as best you can. Being a level 12 clan means every troop donated will be upgraded 2 levels! Not super strict on this one.

    4) You MUST be able to use both attacks if you are opting-in to a war-- this is VERY important. Your clan mates are counting on you, please don't let them down.

    5) Minimum trophy count is 0. We have a good mix of TH levels and encourage players, both new and old, to join.

    Elder and Co-Leader:

    Both are earned usually by donations and how helpful you are in chat during war.. or in general.

    How to apply:

    Request to join IN-GAME. Look for a level 14 clan with a white on white shield and black (?) outline. Ludovic is the leader. Please include your age and location and let us know that you found the clan through the forums. Bonus points if you state "LudoSentMe"

    Thanks for checking us out. Good luck to you!

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    giving myself a lil bump

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    bump bump bump

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    need some members to take into battle with us!

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    i hate leagues

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