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Thread: any adult clans that need some new members

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    Hi. At clan Abby #L9RYCRJ2 ..We have a base of core players with 5yrs experience and extremely good attackers.. we are lvl12 clan with plenty of room for more players. we have stayed around 26-30 members due to trying to find good active people who aren't a joke. If you are serious about war and league wars. This could be the place for yall.. send a person over to check us out if u want.. look at our clan stats.. thanks Hope to see you. My name is Killer of Grass and Grasskiller.

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    You all would be a great fit. Recruitment thread below!


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    Hey we would love for you to come check out Magnificent #R82GJQPP if you want to read more about us here is the link to our ad

    hope to see you there!

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    Hello there!

    Crimson Fog (#PL8L0VRU) -- the founding clan of the Crimson Alliance -- is a level 14 War Can. Our wars are on Fridays, Sundays, and Tuesdays around 7-8PM EST.

    We are an international clan, though most of our members are US based. We all have the common goal of winning clan wars, are very active and always hit top tier in Clan Games.

    We compete in competitive leagues, with experience in LWCW, and we'll be starting trial wars with MLCW very soon.

    Looking to compete and have fun? Check out Crimson Fog! #PL8L0VRU

    Looking for a different kind of environment? We likely have a clan that is a good fit for you!

    The Crimson Alliance is composed of 8 clans total as of right now. To check them all out hop into our Discord server:

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