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    Trading resources for gems! (new idea)

    Before I start, no my Caps lock is not stuck on. Anyway, I have been playing this game for a long time and have come to the realisation that to be good at this game you need time. Time allows you to attack, to train an army and to upgrade. Along with one other thing. Gems. Gems allow you to be able to buy builders, boost things and instantly finish things. How do we get gems? From challenges and from removing shrubbery. What else can gems be used for? Gaining resources! We as players have the ability to be able to trade gems for resources. So why not the other way around? Why not add a feature where you can exchange resources for gems? I need your help. If this was bought into the game, not only would it make me feel amazing, it would allow players to speed up their training process or even build their base faster. With Clash of Clans growing and expanding with new buildings and upgrades all the time this could be a game changer! Please promote my idea to get this into the game. Please comment, like and share it with as many people as possible.

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    not good idea....
    +there is many ways to get gems for free in game
    +someone need to make money
    +max 12town hall always have full banks... till next update

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    I think that would be problematic for them, due to players like me! For example, I have been sitting on full DE for months (yes, months). When my walls are completed, will be sitting on full gold and E. If I spent all day attacking, then converting to gems, I would amass thousands of gems! Not a good business model for them.

    We have to accept the game, as a free to play game, exists only because they can make a profit. If nobody pays, servers shutdown. If I could easily amass gems and unlimited Magic Items (as some have suggested) while awaiting TH 13, when TH 13 is released, I could quickly max it out with no revenue opportunity for them.
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    This idea is ruled out.

    Currently Ruled Out:
    Here are some amazing ideas that have been ruled out by the dev time for the time being. Posting these ideas will result in your thread being removed without notice!

    Frequently Requested:
    * Playing clash of clans (or any other SC game) on a computer or through a web browser e.g. Facebook
    *Donating (or trading) resources or gems to (with) other players
    *An exchange building to convert between elixir, gold, dark elixir, or gems
    *Assign multiple builders to one build/upgrade
    *Upgradeable builders’ huts
    *Active/ Live “Online Status” examples: colored icons, on/off indicator, etc.
    *Indicate last online date
    *Remove the “Report” button/feature from global chat. Abused too often, and mute is better solution
    *Additional National flags

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