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Thread: Near max th11 looking for a good clan.

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    CanadianMade have line app for communicating. kliou1 is my ID. Coop is our leader

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    Hello Chief,

    We'd like you to join us (PHi family clan). Main clan is level 17. Please join us through

    (1) PHi (level 17) (#YYQQ09): 546+ war wins | Master 1
    (2) Iron Giants (level 16) (#9GY0GC82): 380+ war wins | Crystal 1
    (3) ATX WOLVES (level 15) (#LQYGYCQU): 389+ war wins | Crystal 1
    (4) ATX Wolves Too (level 8) (#8QRRPCQ): 129+ war wins | non-cwl

    About Us:
    International Members
    B2B Wars
    We are part of the Elite Nation
    Team Player – family friendly, fun and supportive
    Adult Clan – no kids, no drama
    No mod, no engineering, no rushed, no .5s
    Clan Game - completed always
    Looking for:
    ANY town hall level
    Use both attacks
    Do not ask for elder / co, but earn for them

    Apply via Discord:

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    I'm Daimen from the lvl 7 clan Builder-X (#20PVJGRQ2) and CWL event clans Y and Z. Before you shun us for our low clan level, let me point out why we stand out:

    🛠We’re insanely active. We average around 8-12 players online, and have a steady supply of max troops and sieges; max games are a given. Our clan breakdown is roughly TH8-12 with around 8 TH12s.
    🛠We’re extremely war-focused, with a 45-20 70% win rate, and high standards for diverse attacks. Most of are wars are 30v30 to 40v40. We provide opportunities for both mentor and student in war. We aim to give everyone 7/7 wars, and ranked 1st/1st/3rd/1st in CWL, now as a Gold 1.
    You’ll still find a bunch of clans with the above. However, here lies the difference:
    🛠We’re essentially a tight-knit family. Our core group has stuck together for a while, and the driving factor for most staying to this clan is appreciating the genuine group of friendly teammates.
    🛠We are improvement-focused. This means that we don’t care if you screw up, or if you’re already a decent attacker. The key is openness to feedback and continued growth.

    What do we expect from you?
    A clan with high standards requires the same of its teammates.
    ❇️An active team player solid TH19+ and exceptional TH8. 20/20+ TH9, 20/25+ TH10, 35/40+ TH11
    ❇️A respectful clasher with similarly high standards for growth
    ❇️A mature (preferably adult) player that hates drama and promotes fun

    We know that there is no “perfect fit”. Thus, we invite you to let us know potential issues that may prevent you from choosing Builder-X as home. We’re happy to discuss accommodations!

    Discord Link:

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    Established since December 2016 level 13|

    About us:

    • Adults only

    • Optional wars, if opted in must use both attacks.

    • TH8+No over rushed

    • International clan most are based in Europe and some USA

    • No donation ratios

    • Discord is required

    • Support and friendly advice can be given

    • Experienced war clashers as we were previously a serious war clan now looking to be more chill.

    Proud member of ROC family with 500+ members and over 17 clans.
    Come join us and be a part of ROC family. Our active and friendly staff will assist you in finding the best clan for you in the ROC Family.


    Check Us Out HERE or Facebook, Discord, YouTube and Twitter

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    Crimson Fog -- the founding clan of the Crimson Alliance -- is a level 14 War Can. Our wars are on Fridays, Sundays, and Tuesdays around 7-8PM EST.

    We are an international clan, though most of our members are US based. We all have the common goal of winning clan wars, are very active and always hit top tier in Clan Games.

    We compete in competitive leagues, with experience in LWCW, and we'll be starting trial wars with MLCW very soon.

    Looking to compete and have fun? Check out Crimson Fog! #PL8L0VRU

    Looking for a different kind of environment? We likely have a clan that is a good fit for you!

    The Crimson Alliance is composed of 8 clans total as of right now. To check them all out hop into our Discord server:
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