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Thread: Chronicle of an incredible CWL season....

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    Chronicle of an incredible CWL season....

    This last CWL was really great and fun for us, as well as challenging and with an emotional finale, so here is a brief summery, for those who love a good story.
    We were in Crystal I, with high chance to get promoted to Master III, since we reinforced our clan quite a bit in respect to the last CWL season, where we got promoted as well from CII to CI, but by a small margin.
    So as well as CWL began last week, we checked the other clans, and saw that there were other 2 strong clans, both stronger than us but by a little, while the other 5 clans were a step behind… so we knew from the beginning that where were 2 places (promotions) for 3 clan…
    But the coincedence was that the wars between the 3 strong clans were all concentrated in the last 3 wars of the season… i don’t know if this was coincidental or not (maybe SC makes the turns so that the strongest clans are matched among themselves in the end of season… if that were the case, i’d agreee since this would add some pathos to the season…)
    So, as we thought, all the 3 top clans easily won their first 4 wars.
    In war 5, C2 lost by 5 stars to C1. We won our last easy match
    In war 6, we lost by 4 stars to C1. C2 easily won their last easy match
    At the beginning of the last war, the situation was

    1 – us
    2 – C2 – behind 3 stars
    3 – C1 – behind 12 stars
    C1 had won all the wars but they found themselves in 3rd position because they made fewer stars than the other 2 top clans, in the easy wars.
    The problem for us was that we knew that in the last war, C1 had an easy match with the last clan, so thay would both win and make a lot of stars. If we lost to C2 in the last match, we would position in 3rd place final, because both clans would have passed us…
    Well, the last war war incredibly emotional, with many surpasses, but in the end we won 33-31, with some luck i must admin, because the other clan made 5 attacks with a % greater than 90, while we made just one (a 99% 2 stars, i’m still screaming for that,altough i must add to this list my 47% 1-star attack on their #1). We ended our 15 attacks early, so the situation, with 4 attacks left for them, was 33-25 for us. They needed 8 stars to win, because they were much higher than us in % destruction, so 33-33 would have given them the win in both the war and the season.. they had an easy attack on our #8 and #7 (both th12 with th11 medium defences and th10 walls, while the attacks were from maxed th12 troops and 5x royals), and after that, our 2 top bases (one maxed th12, one medium th12, while the attacks were from fully maxed th12 troops and royals)…. To be honest, we had given up, expecting a 3-3-2-2 stars on our 7-8-2-1, and bye bye promotion… they even had the possibility to lose 2 stars, so didn't have to risk a 3 stars strategy anywhere....instead, they somehow screwed up the attacks, and with some help from luck, ended up with 1-2-1-2 stars, and ended up in 3rd place at the end of the season. No promotion.
    Just wanted to share our happyness and the chronicle of this incredible season…. See you next one in Master,
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    Great run down. We too had a very close run thing in the final match. Going into the last round we were 2nd and playing the top team who we could only catch with a raft of 3 stars which was not going to happen. The team in 3rd were just 4 points back and the fourth team 19 back. The top team had won every round, we had lost 1 at that point and the two behind us 2.

    As the round got down to the last couple of attacks things had gotten very tight. We were 26/26 with the 1st team with 1 attack each to go, only a win could guarantee our promotion but we were behind on % so in reality we needed to 3 star the last base (their number 1) to be safe. However our biggest threat, the team currently in 3rd had fallen unexpectedly behind in their last match v a mid ranked team. They were 27/28 down with 1 Battle each to go.

    Out of left field though were the team who had been 4th, who we thought were out of it. The team they faced were getting relegated and had given up. In likelyhood they had switched to regular farming bases as with 1 match to go the 4th team were 35/16 up V a clan who had not given up more tha 33 stars in any previous war. If they got another 3 star in their last attack then we would also have to 3 star for them not to overtake us.

    I had the last attack and was holding as long as I could to know if I needed a 3 or if a 2 was enough. With 5 mins left I had to attack and got the 2 star. The third place team went on to lose 30/29 and inexplicably the 4th placed team never did use their final attack. In the end we went up by 3 points.

    The win puts us in Champs 1. Will be more than happy just to avoid relegation in there I think!

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    well i feel for you bro, having to bear all the burden of the last decisive attack... it's a game, but after 7 wars and the IN/OUT situation, that was really tough....

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    In our league there was only a spread of 25 stars gained (if you take out the win bonuses) between 2nd 7th. All our matches were really tight with only a few stars deciding every war.

    We finished 5th with 4 wins, but with literally a handful of better attacks could have been 2nd. Conversely if a few of our triples had been 1 or 2* we could have been 7th.

    It was great, exhausting, but great.
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    We were the TOP 2. Last war match up with the leader. And a lost to the TOP war clan made us drop to 4th eventually. Whole week we were thinking we have a Super high chance to progress. But it never happen.

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    Other end of the spectrum. Was in Masters 2. Top half of our CWL group, all TH12s, leave clan. Now forced to put TH9s in CWL against TH11s and 12s. Care to guess how that worked out?

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    Our low clan almost progressed from G2 to G1, which would have been bad. Fortunately we missed it by one star. Advancing a league after winning only 4 of 7 wars would have been really bad.

    Our high clan had our worst CWL ever and barely managed to avoid dropping from M3 to C1. We need to come up with a way to figure out who is going to miss their attacks before the lineup for the next war is set in stone. Sometimes there is a handy delay, and sometimes there is not.

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