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Thread: cwl bonus rewards are a drama magnet, but how to be fair to all?

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    I just give them to who I think deserves them the most (well actually doesn't deserve not getting them the least) and boot anybody that complains.
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    I normally prefer the folks who are lowest, or who are about to make a TH upgrade, out of the set of folks who were on the war map and made all of their attacks. Coleaders and my own alts are last in line.

    This time a co got in before me and gave bonuses to a bunch of my alts. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moles View Post
    It's terrible, the CWL bonus imo just turns clan mates against each other. Since there's only a limited amount of bonuses people might get upset that they didn't get any and others did, it's a whole slew of drama that isn't necessary. I think they should just remove the bonus or make it more even, my clan always rewards the people with the most stars in CWL but I still think it's not fair (the bonus mechanic) because everyone shows up and attacks every day(At least in the clan I am in, not sure about others). The way we work is if you want to put in more effort and score the minimum of 2 stars then go ahead, you get rewarded more! But if you want to do a ♥♥♥♥ job and not get the minimum of 2 stars you're just hurting yourself.
    If you think the way your clan awards the medals isn't fair, perhaps your clan should change it up?

    Quote Originally Posted by WussyPuss View Post
    I do wish we could spread them out a little more, smaller bundles and more of them.

    We don’t get many bonus bundles, but we rotate among the active warriors. I have seen no complaints and we have had a few opt out of bonus medals for the sake of others.
    Agreed. I wish the leader could break the medals into as many packs as they want (not more medals total, but more packs of smaller amounts if desired).
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    Easy for me as there is only 8 of us that control the 15 accounts in cwl so everyone gets one bonus pack and the last one is passed around between the 4 of us that have multiple acc everyone happy and fair as it can be

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudbugs View Post
    Same here, but missing attacks or asking to be substituted tends to knock you out if the running for a bonus. However, eventually everyone will get one. We also use the line app where a history of bonuses is kept. Our cwl rosters normally run with 20+ members so I generate a list and leadership signs off on it.
    Missing an attack puts anyone on my whatever list. :P I have a spreadsheet where I assign points for each round. That's a -100 and no way to come back from that. Plus I'll probably kick you.

    I wish we had enough people to substitute but we don't. I notice that on day 7 attacking ability tends to diminish. I don't know why though, it's not that hard on anyone except for the leaders. I stay busy the entire week on nothing but clash.

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    No drama in my clan, just the stupid hassle of having to keep lists of who got bonus medals and who is eligible for the next round. SC trying to force some kind of leadership (the dumb kind) by having sets of medals and not just let the leader decide totally is the drama.

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    Our wars are all TH12 in Champs 3, where 2 stars wins wars, so I prioritise bonus for players who have gone all week without 1 (or zero) starring. Any remaining bonus goes to players with best overall record, taking defensive performance into account also. Had 11 bonuses to give this time as we won all 7 wars, and 9 players with no 'fails'. Had no complaints so far. We started a new clan for lower accounts to CWL in Gold 2, won promotion but only had 6 bonuses to give. I gave them to our TH10s, but received a complaint, so will have to review my policy there next season.
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    I keep a list of bonus recipients and rotate every cwl. It's a bit overhead for me, but it has been working fine so far. I was frank about that to the clan, and they are happy with that decision.
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