Hi, I was an active user until November when my tablet screen died. Got back on in January with a new tablet and I've noticed a change in the troop targeting, and it is really annoying.

With troops whose fav target is any, previously they would target closest target with some logic about managing walls. I now have wizards and archers seemingly targeting random. Rather than hit the closest target they run past targets to go into the line of fire.

Really frustrating when I build an army to clear defenses then send in a clean up squad for resources and they just run past the elix and gold. And it's not even like they are targeting the defense towers.

Last battle I had a wizard 6 squares from an elix storage 8 squares from clan castle and 7 squares from elix drill. it ran to within 3 squares of the storage and straight past directly to the clan castle. Stopped 2 squares from the clan castle and targeted the drill. It literally ran in a straight line toward the canon that was behind the clan castle to get into it's range.

In fact it gets worse now that i've watched the replay in slowmo. Even if the targeting was on the drill (and there is no good reason for that since it was one of the furthest targets) the shortest path to the drill would still have kept it outside the cannon range by about 2 squares.

The problem doesn't seem to be isolated to the main game either. Builder Base (which I don't really play to much so not such an issue for me) archers are doing the same thing. avoiding targets to run into the line of fire of defense towers.

pretty disappointed with the update/change and can't tell you when it went through. just sometime in the past 3 months.