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Thread: League War Rewards Missing

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    League War Rewards Missing


    My clans league war ended about 7 hours ago and no league war rewards. All we get is the day 7 map. I have sent a message to support and got the attached answer, which did not resolve the issue. Please help!

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    try quitting the game and going back in, sometimes league rewards and option to give bonuses don't show p right away.
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    I turned my phone completely off, cleared the cache, still not working. Everyone in my clan is having the same problem. Not sure what to do.

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    Did you get the rewards eventually?
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    We did finally get the rewards and the option to distribute the bonuses. From end of war to when it showed up was a little under 16 hours. It was just really disconcerting to the clan, seeing as how in previous CWL there was no delay at all.

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