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Thread: Game progress on Android

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    Game progress on Android

    I'm logged in to CL and COC with supercell ID on an Android device that's actually belongs to a family member. Now that she's not using the device anymore, I'd like to reset the device to factory settings (which wipes out all data) and use it with my own Google account. So the gmail (Google account) will be different but supercell ID will be the same.

    My question is that will my game progress be loaded to my newly installed CL and COC after I log in with my supercell ID?

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    I forgot...
    Hello and welcome to the forums.
    Supercell ID (scid) supersedes any other credential, also it ignores the device.
    You can wipe the device out, to factory settings: once you reinstall and log using scid, all will be back.
    Your google account doesn’t matter, except for purchases of course.

    What is CL? this doesn’t ressemble any game’s acronym, except maybe CR , but you typed it twice.

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    oops, yeah I meant CR! Brain faaart ) Somehow L in Royale took over R, haha.
    Thank you very much for confirming. Cheers

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