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Thread: Looking for an international chatty neighbourhood

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    Looking for an international chatty neighbourhood

    Currently seeing a new neighbourhood. ideally, this neighbourhood should offer:
    1. International - ideally members should be in the Asian continent. Reason for this is that I am in China and it can often get a little lonely. As you have probably guessed, I like to chat, as a result I like to have people online the same time as myself.
    2. English speaking
    3. Friendly and helpful goes without saying, like myself 😀
    4. Not Derby focused, I havenít got the time when Iím working.
    5. A good range of levels, I am currently at level 103, but really enjoy helping others who are in the lower levels.
    6. Players should remember its only a game and not be threatening to kick people out if they fail to meet a target. Peoples lives do not run smoothly, and therefore sometimes things happen out of our control.

    if you have taken the time to read throug( this, can I thank you in advance. I look.forward to hearing back from you all. In the meantime, Happy Farming 👍

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    A fairy new hood looking to build

    Fun - Chat - Friendship

    Welcoming players level 50+

    Are you tired of stressful demanding hoods?

    Do you work, or have you just got a busy life and like a bit of downtime with other like minded friends?

    Want a hood thats likes enjoyment, fun and relaxation?

    This could be the hood you’re looking for

    We will do derby and want to aim for top 3 and horseshoe prizes

    Looking to welcome all English speaking individuals and nationalities.

    Why join us?


    Elder status for all...!

    There are a few rules!

    1. Aim for points over 310...

    2. Your goods sell for your set price - it's your stock...

    3. Opt out if needed...

    4. Bonus task always optional...

    5. Adult only 18+ group - no children please...

    6. Birdhouse requests (goods or crop) encouraged...

    7. English speaking only...

    8. No external trading...

    9. Own and operate all machines to your level of play...

    Baby farms are welcome

    The hood asks members to help all they can and requests that every member is as self sufficient as possible - give & take in this hood works well!

    Elder status will be given upon agreement of rules with leader or co-leader.

    Brief updates are posted when needed in leader posts in game chat.

    We want to help each other grow and we like to keep rare items for our own hood so we do not take part in external trading and traders are not welcome, this is not the hood for you!

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