This is Mars, the fourth planet in our Solar System. As the Planet is not yet fully Colonised, There are lots of new opportunities. We are new explores, in a new world, and we hope to expand our clan in to an Welcoming community.

  • Clan Name: Mars
  • Clan Tag: #22JUCULCR
  • Clan Level: 3
  • Clan Type: Farming & Farm War, In the process of joining 💎FWA💎
  • Clan Games: Optional
  • Clan Entry Reqs: Any and all non-rushed Th9 and above, Must speak Some English

I am looking for TH9 to TH12 Players, TH8 players needs to give me a story as to why we should accept you.

This clan is currently in the process of joining FWA, Any TH11 and TH12 are always welcome.

As clan leader, I warmly welcome you to the Red Planet, That I Hope you will call home!