I have always been trying to create and lead the clan I want to write about here. Now I finally did! LuxChaos is the active clan, that donates and fights. We are a clan that sitcks together. Nobody will ever blame us because we are strong! If we get attacked, we will defend, before we strike right back! If we get challanged, we wont reject. We are getting stronger and stronger from day to day. Now here is your chance to become stronger together with us:

if your on your phone click here to enter the clan:
(1000 trophies minimum)


1. The clan chat is english only

2. Only donate the troop, that is requested. If you don't have the requested troop, don't donate.

3. If you don't want to attack in clanwar, or you will not be able to go online for a while, then go to your profile page and set clanwar to "i'm out". Otherwise you could be kicked out of the clan. After 3 times not attacking in the clanwar, in a row, you will be banished from the clan!

4. Don't insult other clanmates in the chat! Bad behavior in the clanchat will not be tolerated!

5. Don't beg for Elder or Co-leader. Seriosly. It's just really annoying!