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Thread: Same Old Song

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelms View Post
    Guys, as we know we'll have bh9
    More Camps(?)
    New hero(?)
    New trops
    Additional levels of every stuff etc

    Apart this, which is already expected, what would you demand for Builder Base?

    Things that come to my mind:

    1) increase trophy reset (maybe 5k, after bh9 arrives)

    2) some collective, competitive stuff involving BB

    3) Troops and mainly BM's AI improvements.

    4) Challenging friends for BB duels

    What are you thoughts folks?

    Peace out
    1.A new way of attacking that is a War Ship . It could work like the ship from boom beach which is used to throw missiles.

    2.A new Battle Machine or let's say an Air Battle Machine.

    3. Another mode of gameplay other than the regular loot attacks.

    4. Fix the AI of that damn Battle Machine.

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