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Thread: What should I do with my TH12 minis?

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    What should I do with my TH12 minis?

    Hey guys. I'm the leader of a rebuilding level 12 clan and am currently a semi-rushed th11 (decent ish heroes but rushed defences and dark troops.) I've made two mini accounts over the past few months, very rushed th12s for siege machines with level 5 king and queen and level 1 warden as well as level 6/7 barch. Now that they have reached TH12 I'm not exactly too sure about what to do with them. I have't built any of the town hall 12 defences (third inferno etc.) and my town hall is 1 star, so I was wondering if there was any way I could take it into war.

    Do you guys think I should max miners or e drags first? (for spam war attacks.) Should I place my TH12 defences down? (I think my TH12s have less weight than my TH11, who is number 1 in our clan.) Does "TH11.5" work? Would love to get some advice.

    If anyone wants the tag so that they can see the accounts here are the tags:

    Clan tag: #PRRQ2V0U (TepossCommunity)
    Main account (TH11): #RV09U0RY (Zeraora)
    Mini 1 (TH11, will be TH12 after CWL): #PJ9Y2LRVL (Aero)
    Mini 2 (TH12): #YG0Y2CPCJ (MiniHero)

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    CWL, you can take them
    Regular war, you'll probably match against 12s or strong 11s.
    Edrags would be "quickest" path to viable war troop as that only requires 2 upgrades to max.
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