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Thread: Level 152 looking for a small hood

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    Level 152 looking for a small hood

    I am an experienced active level 152 player searching to find a small (between 6-10 members) friendly, fun, respected, helpful, polite (please and thank you) and casual derby playing hood. I am self sufficient but always willing to lend a helping hand provided I receive help in return. These are my conditions if we are in agreement:

    - derby...Active casual derby player taking 320-400 pt tasks and complete them timely. No delay start because my time zone is behind everyone. I will opt out only when necessary. I don’t like bingo and blossom theme, but, willing to participate mystery derbies. Diamond tasks optional; will take when needed. Winning is fine, but getting all columns and staying in champion league is just as good.
    - must be a team playing hood where no one takes advantage of anyone. Birdhouse is for meeting achievements only. No grabbing with goods in rss, fair sharing is being fair and respectful.
    - promote to elder upon joining to help with trashing low point tasks. Ideally, promotion to co leader is most acceptable once I meet all hood’s expectations.
    - opened communication is a must in chat room and/or Facebook. Everyone have fun chatting and playing. No drama and no bullying.
    I get along with everyone and hope everyone get along with each other. Let’s have some fun while playing and not be all so serious. Pm me if you are interested in having me be a part of your hood.

    tag: #8PQYVVPV

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    Hello Genny,
    we are a NH of 10, we help each other daily, chat some, we are always polite, we are at expert league in derby, most players are 40 and above, I am at level 139, farm and garden inn is our incredible NH, tag 8CLVGGLC, hope to see you soon!

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    Hi Genny, we are not a small hood but please look at our recruitment post and see if you like us. Graceful Neighbours, I just bumped the post up.

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    We need you!

    Neighborhood name: WEST

    New neighborhood, who aims for top Derby levels each week with helpful spirit
    Level 10+
    Red Heart with green Cat
    Neighbourhood tag: #PCUYVV9V

    Our hood leader:
    Tina’s Farm (leader) level 137
    Open (co-leader)
    open (elders)

    About our neighbourhood-
    Welcome to the West Coast Derby! I started our neighborhood to have fun and meet new people and socialize and play derbys and win. My former neighborhood had people from all over the world, but I was rarely on when others were on, so I was looking for players in the Pacific time zone so we could socialize more. if your interested in a great neighbourhood come join our neighborhood

    This hood is all about new beginnings and great experiences! We are looking for Active, Helping, Chatty, Derby playing neighborhood!

    Gameplay: do all 9 task 290+ ,Communication and teamwork are a MUST,No drama ! OK to take breaks from derby if you opt out for short periods.

    Can’t wait to meet you!


    Our neighborhood has 4 simple rules we kindly ask all members to follow-

    1. Do not take any tasks under 290 points
    2. Completed all derby tasks please!! If you’re too busy and can’t commit, please opt out of the derby so you don’t affect the team
    3. Help each other as much as you can - play with heart
    4. Have fun!

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    Hi Winky2me! I am going to pm you with my reply. See you there...

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    Hi Derby Cats are looking for new people to come and join our neighbourhood.

    We are a multi-national group of English speaking players, in champions league and we are looking for active Derby players.

    We trash tasks below 300, always aiming for the higher point tasks at all times. We are predominantly UK/USA based but do have other nationalities on our team.

    We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about Derbys. Someone who likes a chat and make new friends.

    We don't have many rules and just play to enjoy the game. We do however want to keep our place in champions league and will work to keep our spot at the top. We help each other out as and when needed. No task is too hard when we all play as a team together.

    All we ask is that you can complete a minimum of 9 tasks, the 10th is optional. Obviously that will change in a power Derby.

    If you would like to join our amazing team please feel free to drop by and give us a try.

    Look for our tag


    We would really like to meet you and hopefully will see you soon.

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    Hi Iím Donna Leader of Ridgeview Stables..

    ***Champion League Recruiting*** 3 spots open...we are looking for hoodies to help us out in the derby... Come help us out. 🙃👋

    🐴 Iím keeping this hood small no more than10.; I find it easier to get a task and less drama..

    🐴 We are experienced active daily and motivated players who enjoy hay day derby 🙃.. self sufficient and willing to help.. levels 143-60.

    🐴 Come and make some chatter or farm quietly is ok too!!!

    🐴 We go for the top three. Stress free..

    ***320/400.. 9 task.. 10th is optional, greatly appreciated if placing
    in the top three...***

    **Level 60 Adults Only ***

    Come on over and build this hood to ten. Hope to see you soon 🙃🙃🙃
    Ridgeview Stables
    Tag. P0RPGG2Q. (0= zero)
    Yellow Circle/Purple Horse

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