Hey clashers! Looking for some awesome members to join our clan! We are a frequent war clan with 100% participation in clan league and clan games. We only ask for active members and respectable members. Everyone has an opinion, wether you can accept it or use the material offered is up to you! 😉👌🏼
Check out our expectations down below and have a blessed day y’all!

  • Clan: Sharknados (#8LJGQPYR)
  • search burgerboiiii (#2GJ8LOYC)
  • Clan Level: 14 near
  • clan league: gold 1
  • You should have close to max war troop
  • No rushed bases
  • War activity: 2 - 3 x per week
  • Mature Members Only
  • English Speaking Only
  • USA LOCATED clan

General Expectations

  1. Always take both attacks and do your best - all players contribute to the success of the war.
  2. Use 3 star war attack strategies.
  3. Attack as early as possible
  4. Choose opponents that you can reasonably 3 star, so go up or down accordingly within your TH range. You are expected to know your own skills – we don’t need rock stars so there's no need to attack your number if it is above your skill level.
  5. As a general rule, we do not reserve bases
  6. At times you may be asked to hold your attack for clean up, or attack a particular base
  7. No looting if stars are not covered - go farm on your own time. Even if we're winning, we encourage everyone to claim all attainable stars.
  8. You must be an active participant. If you're not doing too well with your attacks, you MUST ask for help. Our goal is to grow talent from within because that is how we are able to sustain success.

When to opt out

  • When heroes are unavailable (no exceptions)
  • If you’re too busy, sick, unable to give 100%
  • Got a new town hall? Opt out till camps, spell lab & clan castle are upgraded

Donation policy:
We don't enforce donation ratios so request as often and as much as you want. If it's obvious you only take and not make any effort to give back it will be noticed, and it may eventually lead to a kick
Apply In-Game And Mention Burgers Post!!