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Thread: Kailey's farm looking for helpful, active players!

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    Kailey's farm looking for helpful, active players!

    We're a fun, active neighborhood looking to add more players. Green dog emblem with blue background.

    ~ Derby focused! We work on 300+ tasks only
    ~ Helpful! We're generous, selling needed items for 1 coin. Helping with tasks, boats, towns, etc.. If you want help, you need to help others as well
    ~ We're polite! Say thanks!
    ~ We do have lives! If you can't help with the derby for the week, just be considerate and kindly opt out
    ~ We have players from everywhere! We only speak English in our neighborhood though
    ~ Level to join is 55 and is set to request to join

    We hope to see you soon!

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    We're currently in 5th place in the champion's league! Come join us!

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    Come join us!

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    ​sent you a pm for my questions. Thank you

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    We placed 4th in the champions league! Can you help us do better?

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    Still have some openings left! Hope to see you soon!

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    Come have some fun and join us!

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    We still have room for you!

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    Come join us!

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