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    Banned for No reason

    I got banned In clash of clans about a week ago for inappropriate language I did use inappropriate language and I learn my lesson and I got a ban of two days then this week last night I was asleep and I woke up and my account was banned for seven days I didnít say a single curse word I didnít say anything inappropriate I didnít do a single thing you get I still got banned I just want to know if somebody can help me and tell me a reason for maybe why I got banned.

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    The loading screen should have a reason for the ban.

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    I have read that supercell has an automatic algorithm system, that automatically bans someone if they get reported by too many people.
    Maybe that is the reason
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    Wishing everyone a Happy Merry Christmas this month.... Everybody stay safe and fine. ENJOY. :)
    If it is a ban for 7 days, don't panic.. It is not a permanent ban after all... Just keep in mind the lesson what you learnt, and never do this again, so that you do not get banned next time.
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    Correct, if a bunch of people report you it’s an auto ban. Happens in global. Just remember though, things that might not be offensive to you, it might be offensive to others or regions

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    Isn’t the auto ban for # of reports from global just a suspension from global, not the game, though? OP, what does the message say when you try to log in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    Isn’t the auto ban for # of reports from global just a suspension from global, not the game, though? OP, what does the message say when you try to log in?
    That's how I understand it, and only 24 hours at that

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    OP Got what he/she deserves.. Nothing unfair in it... Supercell always warn you to be polite with others and be respectful...else u could face Bann...but some people never bother unless actions is taken..So be patient and wait for 7 more days...

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    Discussing bans on these forums is not allowed. Nobody on these forums can provide you any information regarding this issue, OP. Your only source for any information, if they are willing, is SuperCell in game support.

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    I got banned for showing Ajax my new recruitment tool.
    Not a discussion for here I'm afraid. However, as a closing point you will struggle to find many players have been playing as long as I have, been in as many clans as I have, been as active on global as I am and yet I have never been banned. If you have repeatedly then you need to address why and stop doing it.

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