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Thread: Looking for active trading NH..I am level 24

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    Looking for active trading NH..I am level 24

    I keep joining NHís that arenít active at all. Just looking for a place to trade and help each other. I donít wanna be the only person logged on all the time! 😂 Please help.

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    Hi 😃 I have sent you a private message😊

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    Our Hood Name: Strays
    Tag: #P92JCCGQ

    We are a brand new neighborhood that started recently

    We are looking for active, fun, loyal, derby focus neighbors!

    Level 18 or higher
    Participate in the Derby
    All 300+ tasks to be done before the lower tasks
    Help each other with tasks and to grow

    What can get your kicked out:
    Selling items in your shop when there is a request for them

    Diamonds are not required

    We would enjoy having your farm come join our growing neighborhood

    Our hood name: Strays
    Tag: #P92JCCGQ

    Just press the request to join and someone will accept you shortly!

    Please message me with any questions

    Kate - Co-Leader

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    I started this NH for the same reason. I hate not having others on at the same time. If you are in Western USA, I am on frequently. Maybe we can find others together.

    Neighborhood name: WEST

    New neighborhood, who aims for top Derby levels each week with helpful spirit
    Level 10+
    Red Heart with green Cat
    Neighbourhood tag: #PCUYVV9V

    Our hood leader:
    Tina’s Farm (leader) level 137
    Open (co-leader)
    open (elders)

    About our neighbourhood-
    Welcome to the West Coast Derby! I started our neighborhood to have fun and meet new people and socialize and play derbys and win. My former neighborhood had people from all over the world, but I was rarely on when others were on, so I was looking for players in the Pacific time zone so we could socialize more. if your interested in a great neighbourhood come join our neighborhood

    This hood is all about new beginnings and great experiences! We are looking for Active, Helping, Chatty, Derby playing neighborhood!

    Gameplay: do all 9 task 290+ ,Communication and teamwork are a MUST,No drama ! OK to take breaks from derby if you opt out for short periods.

    Can’t wait to meet you!


    Our neighborhood has 4 simple rules we kindly ask all members to follow-

    1. Do not take any tasks under 290 points
    2. Completed all derby tasks please!! If you’re too busy and can’t commit, please opt out of the derby so you don’t affect the team
    3. Help each other as much as you can - play with heart
    4. Have fun!

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