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As a leader it is my opinion that a leader should be active in their hood almost every day to at least check in on their neighborhood, read chat for player's needs. It would not be asking too much for a leader to do this for 10-15 min on a daily basis. If that is not possible, then turn it over to a player that actually plays the game.

The game gives notifications quite well on my device. I feel that after 4 or 5 days of leader not logging into the game, the leader should start getting notification reminders of inactivity and a countdown of days until they will be demoted.

A leader can protect their position by appointing a trusty co-leader as the first co-leader, which is where the automatic leadership change will default to due to inactivity.

The 4 week time until auto change is quite appropriate.
Long ago I had joined a hood of many but actually only about 7 players were active. After a couple of months of being their, I seen that the leader farm was completely dead among several other farms in the hood. I encouraged the remaining active to leave that hood and start a new hood with one of them being the new leader. So the old hood became literally a useless drifting ghost hood.
This hood was a good example of why the automatic leader change was needed. Too bad it was not implemented back then.
Nobody is responding to what the OP actually said-their co-leader was not promoted but some random member.