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Thread: Westcoast Wanderers - Based in Vancouver BC #pqc9l8uq

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    Westcoast Wanderers - Based in Vancouver BC #pqc9l8uq

    Hi all, for the last few years I’ve played in the Championship league derby and I’ve enjoyed winning with my wonderful ‘hoods. I’ve decided to try to see if I can make a ‘hood of my own and take it up to Championship level too.

    My time zone is in Vancouver BC so Pacific Northwest players would be a good fit. I’m also Australian and I think players that can pop in a few times a day will work well, no matter where you are. I’m looking for competitive players who take tasks as close to 320 as possible. I take only 320 tasks.

    I’m looking for helpful players too who know success is very much a team sport. Hopefully this rings true for you as well. Let’s build a neighbourhood up so we can be Champions!

    Join Westcoast Wanderers #pqc9l8uq
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    We came second in our first derby in the new hood! It was very exciting. Still looking for new members as we quickly advance!

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    Hi again! Well the last derby was pretty crazy wasn’t it? But our little hood won! We are now three strong. If you would like to check us out, today is the day before the next derby starts.


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    Back to say our little hood is good! We won this week’s derby as well and we are now up another league. We worked well together and helped each other to make sure we could all do our bit and it was fun too. If that is what you are looking for, come and say hi.

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    Hello! Great news this week as we are now in the Championship Derby! Our team did an amazing job with the blossom derby showing team spirit and dedication to pull ahead and win last week. We would like to keep this neighbourhood small I think, but there is definitely room for more friendly team players. So if you are looking for a welcoming neighbourhood that likes to win, come and check us out. ☺️��

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    Bumping to bring this back up top

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    Just another little plug for our easy going Vancouver neighbourhood. We have had some tough competition in the derbies and it would be lovely to have a few new teammates. It’s nice to pull together with some fellow keen players. Come and check us out!

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    In the lull between derbies, I’m giving another plug for our friendly team. Come and join our hood and see how much fun it is to work together to play derbies and keep our farms chugging along nicely. ☺️

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    My bump on the non derby day to invite some new members to our friendly ‘hood!

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    I’ve opened up membership so that anyone above the level of 60 can join. Looking for a few more people for exciting derby action!

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