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    Exclamation RESOLVED: Hay Day Short Maintenance (4.2.2019)

    Update: We are back online!

    Howdy Folks!

    Hay Day maintenance today at 12PM UTC - Server side fixes and minor updates, some changes to Greg's farm and the expansion permits will be back to the largest mystery boxes of the three on the farms (only). Stay tune, we'll try to keep it short and sweet!


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    That’s great news about the expansion permits. Thank you Nick.

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    Any chance of the latest crop of town bugs being fixed then Nick?

    Townies being available for collection but not showing up on our personal trains

    Townies being collected and not actually arriving on our trains

    Townies being collected, served, then disappearing without trace before you can release them competed for a task

    townies collected by personal train, then showing up in town as being already fully served in 2 or 3 buildings and all you can do is then release them to go home.

    There may be others I have forgotten to mention that have been reported by me and others. To date none of these problems have been acknowledged by anyone official in the ‘bugs and problems’ section on the forum To date support have either denied these problems are occurring or have simply deleted support requests��

    Are Supercell even aware of these problems, or do you guys just not care?
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    Olá Nick, tem alguma previsão de retorno do sistema da Hay Dey? Toda vez que tento entrar no jogo diz que o servidor está fora!!! Já faz 1 semana tô tentando acessar o jogo e da o mesmo erro. Já fiz a liberei espaço e não adiantou.

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    Thanks, Nick! Any additional chances of expansion permits, no matter how slim, are appreciated.

    Thanks, also, for mentioning the change to Greg’s farm. I had gone to look at it when the lunar new year deco offer first appeared and was disappointed that they weren’t there. They look great!

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    As one who was also pushing for a return to mystery boxes, I'll add my thanks as well. Would have liked the least expensive ones, not the premium only, but its a start!

    Also hoping you can address mdcfc's question about the town. It seems to be severely broken.

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    I can’t play anymore since 6 days ago it’s keeps saying that is updating..

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