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Thread: Boring Now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilzcoop View Post
    My BUILDER BASE MX , LOOTS full .. so noting to Do , SC Need Something for Buildr base pls 
    the same for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannkk View Post
    So you would think a business would bring new content out so the consumers would keep using it and generate more income? Hmm
    Yes they will. Be patient.

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    Well, set yourself first 5000 trophies then 5500 then 6000...try to get to top200 ,if u enter it just try to improve your ranking...
    and you can do one more thing , we do that on our clan , play builder base challenge series, it's pretty simple, just challenge someone 5 times and see who wins it more...the looser will be called "x" for 1 day or a week to make it more interesting...

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    I'm totally max for 1 week now (as F2P). I'm so glad I don't need to play it for some time now. I only collect gem mine and I remove obstacles from the base. It's the pause I needed in BB... And no I'm not going to push to 5k, my record is 4,6k and last months it's getting harder and harder to even get 4,2k. Just ridiculous, since the nerf I had max 5 times a 3 star (as I also hear of all my clan mates). But I don't bother anymore now untill BH9 is released.

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