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Thread: Town Visitors Vanishing

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    Town Visitors Vanishing

    During this week's derby, had a task that required 9 of a specific type of visitor. Picked up 5 from my neighbors and after serving them in their buildings, came back later to see they were gone. Train was still on cool down. Items still missing. Looks like they dined and dashed.

    I have had this happen more than a couple of times. I only noticed because I was keeping a count on those ready and those needed. Lovely bug. Others in my neighborhood said they have seen it also, thought they were just going crazy.

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    thats what happened to me during last week's derby too, as mentioned in my lost cowboys thread:
    it was very frustrating. i am opting out of derby until they get these town issues fixed.
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    This just happened to me too serving ANOTHER set of ladies to finish this task.. and one of them is at the B&B. I just lost 5 hours of hay day time due to this bug😡

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    Just happened to one of our team. Filled train, went back to town and they had disappeared. Train was back to ‘resting’ time.

    i checked and no one had picked them up, it’s definitely a glitch that needs fixing.
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    This just jappened to me for the 4th time. I'm on android too. It's a total loss of progress on your townies task. I've contacted support on this matter.

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    Ahhh, I got a taste of the "other" kind of Supercell support today. Before today, they were quick to recognize glitches and make me whole. Today they recommended I check my internet connection and make sure I knew that townies could only visit two towns... I am level 112 and level 35 in town ����

    Gotta say, not loving the patronizing tone and I don't care that I ended up doing 160% of my derby task. Take some ownership of the issue, Supercell. And no, I don't *really* need the 3 townie gifts. It's the principle of the matter and your response says a lot about how you value your consumers.
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    Thanks for closing my support ticket without responding, Supercell. Due to your bug, I am out 3 townie gifts, xp points and town points. I also completed 160% of a task and spent an additional 5 hours (shortened to 3 with diamonds) to complete it. Make things right and compensate me for your bug.

    And to reiterate, this is not about the 3 gifts per se. I am curious to see how Hay Day supports their consumers. A company who chooses to not acknowledge their bugs and not support their consumers is one I will think twice about spending more money on.

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    This just happened to me as well.

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    Townes disappearing

    Players in my NH is having the same issues. They fill their town needed per task, and townie disappearing. SUPPORT says to take a picture of this. REALLY??? How do you take a picture of a disappearing townie?

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    I got the exact same response. ��

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