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Thread: pk clash of clans youtube suspended?

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    pk clash of clans youtube suspended?

    it appears youtube suspended the account for "pk clash of clans" and thus a bunch of very useful coc videos are now gone to the void. i'm guessing it was the WWE videos they were also posting.

    does anyone know if they've moved to another channel? between that and "clash riders" not posting anything in months, I've lost my two go-to coc th12 war attack strat subscriptions. i need to be on the lookout for new regularly posting skilled th12 war attackers to keep me up to date with the latest and greatest ideas. any help?

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    It seems that PK is not the only Youtuber affected.
    The 'Dark' channel has been terminated completely!
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    So how were these people had videos taken down, or their whole channel terminated? Was it for exploiting bugs on video?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffo6 View Post
    So how were these people had videos taken down, or their whole channel terminated? Was it for exploiting bugs on video?
    I don't know for sure but, if there was a wave, it was probably because of search engine optimization issues. They might have been doing things that Google doesn't approve of to increase their rankings. Google isn't going to penalize YouTube itself, they will penalize those up to the shady practices.

    I know there was action on Youtube not long ago for people creating accounts to subscribe to their own channel or that were asking sub for sub. Meaning if you subscribe to me, I'll subscribe to you. I saw some people talking about getting hit by that.

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    Sorry to hear that. Feel free to check out my channel. High level content for all town halls including town hall 12. Here is the guide i just made for dragbat

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