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Thread: How many clan u change?

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    Smile How many clan u change?

    in my case at beginner randomly kick out from various clan.. .
    now stay 3 years continuously same clan.
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    i was in 1 good clan when i joined and left after 5 months and started my own clan.. 4.5 years later still going strong

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    I guess I've been in about 30 clans so far, I used to hop from clan to clan a few years ago. I've been in the same clan for about a year now though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enderwizzard View Post
    I guess I've been in about 30 clans so far, I used to hop from clan to clan a few years ago. I've been in the same clan for about a year now though

    Joined many clans especially back in 2016. But I've settled perfectly in my new clan.
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    I've been in many clans, but 6 that I've stayed in for long term. I lead my current clan after our old leader stepped down.

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    I was in many clans, like 6 or 7 ...
    But the most funniest and sad thing was that, whenever I got kicked out of any clan, it soon became inactive 6 to 7 days later... Extraordinary type, right?
    And now I have stopped in 1 clan and resting, where all members are kind to me, though my base is a bit rushed, and I have been staying here for more than 1 year now
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    Oh this is sad...

    I have been in... oh so many.

    Now, on my main account I have been in... perhaps ten, three of them for at least a year..

    But on my minis I have been in hundreds of clans (no hyperbole)... Seen myself do clan games in five or six different clans with my accounts in one games. I also used to have a lot more free time than I do now... booooooo. Growing old stinks...

    Three great clans... one died... another one got weird then died... and the third I left because I have cut way back on clash time... wayyyyyyy back. But I would go back to it if I decide to actively clash again.
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