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Thread: No Wrong Donations ANYMORE!

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    No Wrong Donations ANYMORE!

    I got idea of more professional method of requesting troops otherwise just writing what you want,
    by that there won't be any wrong donation ever,
    it's simple,
    When you request you choose what trrops/spells/seige machines you want
    when you request say you got 25 housing space
    so lava hound won't appear only what you can carry, so you chose pekka for example, by that no one ever can donate wrong request to you, and you can choose what level also, same for spells, I hope you take that in mind, Happy Clashing

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    Get a Clan that donates what is asked and managed it so you don't have players who donate what isn't requested.

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    Wherever there are the foolish starting new clans, I am there, wagging a finger,
    Clan management issue for sure.

    If you are getting the wrong stuff in your request, you have the wrong stuff in your clan.
    Ending threads one comment at a time.

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    I do think a simple interface would be nice. Click on the troops you want in your request. I'm not sure it's really worth developer time to do it, but it would be nice.

    Everyone makes mistakes, people misclick, not a huge deal but slightly annoying. I'm also not particularly impressed with the keyboard/type functionality within CoC, so I don't really love typing out new messages.

    Something similar to CR donations wouldn't seem to be TOO difficult. You ask for a specific thing, someone clicks on it to give you that thing.

    I don't think there's anything explicity WRONG with the current system, but I think a system similar to CR would certainly be a step up over what's there.

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    True, everyone who plays the game are humans. Anyone can make a mistake. Try joining a clan that it is less likely for wrong donations and you're good to go.

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    Great idea in my opinion

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    This suggestion has come up many times and there are many decent responses why we probably will never see it. It's not at all a simple implementation - how do I ask for a lava hound -or- a dragon and 2 loons -or- 6 loons? Or how do I ask for a Pekka and wizards -or- bowlers? What stops a person from giving me a mix of bowlers and wizards? What if I forget to select archers to let someone fill in the leftover 3 spaces? What if I select an electro dragon but my one clanmate who has electro dragons is on vacation? What if I have 35 space and want a golem + anything for the remaining 5 spots? What stops a person from giving me 35 of anything?

    To complicate things further, previous requests for this feature have requested that a minimum troop level could be specified. Think about the complexity in the UI for that.

    Even if Supercell could come up with a "simple" (and therefore very restricted) interface, you know people would be on here later that day complaining for more. Give people an inch and they ask for a mile - it's actually a lot easier to not give them anything in the first place.

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    I'm already in a decent clan no wrong donations, But anyways that would make requesting easier

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    It'll be if you got 35 for example, Choose Golem, Choose Lvl5, Choose Hog, Choose Lvl6, That's It, and It is just an idea came thought it'd help make requesting troops more easier than writing everytime for war then change for farming troops everyday etc

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    I am fortunate enough to be in a clan where max troops can only be requested for war.

    of course we do give max troops when we can, otherwise, we give peeps mostly what they usually use, any level is appreciated

    common sense and courtesy

    outside of war, there are no wrong donations.
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