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Thread: Anyone Else Notice a Trend with Farms Selling Wheat for 1 Coin

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    Anyone Else Notice a Trend with Farms Selling Wheat for 1 Coin

    I started playing Hay Day a few years ago on my iPad, then when I got a new phone about a year ago I started a new farm. With my new farm, I started to notice a slight difference in some of the ads in The Daily Dirt.
    Every time the ads refresh, there is usually at least one ad advertising ten wheat or corn for one coin (or a similar super cheap price). The farm's name is always either entirely numbers, or a short combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Upon visiting the farm the RSS will have many bins with the crop selling at one coin. Looking around the farm, there are barely any production buildings or animals, boat/fishing area/town/neighborhood etc are not built, the barn and silo and the house are all small and tiny. (You know when you upgrade the barn and silo, or level up, these buildings are "redesigned" and come out looking bigger and fancier?) Now with the new order helping update you can look at the farmer's order board, and all the orders are for minimal coins and XP, like when you first begin the game. However, the farm's level will be in the 30s, 40s, even 50s.

    My question, more out of stupefied curiosity than anything, is how on earth did these farms get to such a high level when they have practically nothing? Granted they would get XP from harvesting the wheat, but it must take them years to gather enough to level up, and like I said I have seen maybe a hundred different farms like this. Also, when a farm levels up and unlocks new buildings, the orders reflect the new production items, even if the buildings haven't been built yet. These orders apparently do not. Another point to mention is if I try to friend request these farms, I almost always get a "player cannot receive friend requests at this moment" message. If I follow the farm, often nothing ever comes up for sale in their RSS again, as I pass through the farm many times when I scroll through my friends list RSSes.

    Has anyone else encountered this, and could these farms possibly be some sort of bot? I don't see any benefit in them for the creator of the bot, except for me getting wheat at a great price, but this has been slightly weirding me out for quite some time now.
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    What you are seeing are called wheat bots. They have been around for some time.

    (not to be confused with the buyer bots highly discussed of late)

    games are full of cheaters and these are cheaters.

    They get lots of extra drops and it is believed that they sell them for real money

    it is best not to buy from them or follow them... just report them if you can.

    there are also corn bots now
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    Did the math on the leveling part a while ago. Take the xp required, divide by the number of fields, that's the number of wheat cycles to the next level. Going at 2minutes per cycle, one can get a rough estimate of the time needed. Below level 30 it's measured in hours, not days. Guessing it doesn't take long to level up with a wheating bot. These are the lesser of the two bot types... frankly i'd rather hope all the buyer bots switch to wheating... we'd all enjoy the game a lot more.

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    Great way to level up..wheat produces fast!!!

    - dinner

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    Obvious BOT Accounts

    Correct. I ran across one of these wheating bot farms yesterday. I guess that the owner decided he had enough coins to buy buildings. I saw 14 buildings, all completed, sitting on the farm waiting to be unwrapped. With only fields in use it was a level 114 farm.

    The farm had the typical name, something like [A2]. I decided to look at his neighborhood. All of the members, except 3, were named in a similar fashion: [A1] through [A20]. I wouldn't think it would be so difficult for Supercell to create a bot of their own to search for and ban these types of obvious bot accounts.
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