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Tired of the Perfect Draw in Clan Wars when clearly one clan out performs the other?
By definition, if it is a perfect war, neither clan has outperformed the other.

Not that many people have ever experienced any perfect wars, so it would be hard to be tured of them anyhow. In our clan, with 406 wars plus CWL, we have twice experienced an opponent perfecting us, and once we have perfected an opponent. And I suspect our experience us far more the norm than yours of having "too many" perfect wars.

Tired of facing clans that can dip-attack all the way down your warmap while you have to work so hard to match them with your peer vs. peer attacks? I have the solution.

All of the anguish surrounding facing "engineered rosters" or an opponent with lightweight engineered bases in random war searches, and all of the demands to have to SuperCell "fix" matchmaking so that matchups are "fair", and all of the futile thinking that random searches cannot produce good wars because of the prevalence of "engineering", can come to a quick end. There is a simple solution: The 2nd Tiebreaker.
Do you believe that most of the isdues with engineered clans are about perfect wars then?

I don't believe that is remotely true.

How does it work? In the event both clans earn all the stars (or any result where earned stars and % destruction are the same), the clan that has the fewest TH-level dip attacks, among the recorded "Best Attacks", (i.e. 12v11, 11v10, 10v9, etc.) wins the 2nd tiebreaker and wins the war.
Very poor idea, it would of course usually give the win to the engineers, but tgat is urrelevant, it really isn't a measure of which clan was "better".

If you really need a 2nd tiebreaker (I don't believe we do), then about the only think that really measures which clan performed better is the number of 2nd attacks required to get the best scores.

Any clan that has more opportunity than the opponent to dip their way to earning all the stars clearly has an unfair advantage in the match. While in the face of that disadvantage, a more balanced roster with fewer opportunities to dip may still be able to grind their way to earning all the opponent stars with superior skill and performance. Why end the competition in a Draw? It only seems right that the latter clan, the one that was disadvantaged, showed more skill and performed better in peer vs. peer attacks (11v11, 10v10, 9v9, etc.) should win that war. They were better, and they earned all the stars.

Implementing this solution will end all the complaining, turmoil, and futility related to engineering, and random war matches (more of them that can be won or lost via a 2nd tiebreaker) will become a war of value again. Thanks for listening. What do you all think?

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The effect would be insignificant, since there simply aren't enough perfect wars for that to matter.