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Thread: TH9 X-Bowless in search of a dedicated war clan (English/Español)

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    TH9 X-Bowless in search of a dedicated war clan (English/Español)

    I would like to join a active war clan, which can allow me to fight in wars. I have participated on clans of this type before, and have max Lavaloon attack (Lv 2 Lava Hound, Lv 6 Balloon, Lv 5 rage, Lv 2 haste)
    Here my war village and my profile. Sorry for bad grammar, but im mexican (Si el clan esta en español mejor)

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    💥#pvuyclr8- Terror Lvl 13- Competitive Th9 and below wars💥 Mates Must be active in CGs or War.


    FRIENDLY☺️ War, Farm, Push Clan. Put "MD" in request. IF THE CLAN IS CLOSED, friend request one of the leaders. Kik username caneheat. Discord - Caneheat#1528

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    Fort St John, BC
    We are heavy donators, friendly and adult. Top 300 Worldwide War Clan.

    Level 16 clan. Always max CWL quickly. War back to back however opting out is always an option.

    We are chill, laidback, friendly. Come check us out,

    Times Up!

    password Jenn

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    Mudgerian Army and Mob have joined the Evolve Your Game community. As a member of the EYG family, we have the option of participating in community-wide events such as 50v50, arranged wars, leagues and other special event wars.

    The Mudgerian Clans focus on creating a great playing environment for adults only. We are an international group with players from all over the world, with most being from the US and Europe. We like to relax, chat and joke around. We have been around for many years and offer a stable base where members are encouraged to be active and contribute to the clans through donations, chat and Clan Wars. We help each other by sharing advice, attack strategies, base designs, etc. Also taking part in SC CWL IN Champs.

    We use Discord to communicate outside of game and discord is a requirement of Army. Apply via the EYG (Evolve your Game) server on 7T5WNYG for Army or Mob.

    We are currently looking for well developed TH10s to join Mudgerian Army, if you are interested say you are from forums and that you want to be introduced to Noles mum!

    Clan Level: 18
    Clan Purpose: War clan with a focus on winning wars, farming, having fun. Members must be active and perform war attacks. Clashtrack and Discord is used to plan and organise wars. We complete clan games in record time every time!

    Application Requirements
    Town Hall: 10+ with minimum 30/30 heroes for a new TH10
    War Frequency: B2B wars
    Declare around 2pm Eastern 7pm BST

    Clan Level: 14
    Clan Purpose: War clan with a focus on low key wars, farming, having fun. By low key we mean we aim to win but welcome beginners new to war and encourage veterans to try out new strategies.

    Accepting TH8 - 9s currently.
    War 2 times a week, occasional 3rd. Declares Monday and Thursday at approx. 8pm Eastern.

    Part of the EYG Family Leadership - A home of clashing without egos or un-needed nonsense. We war constantly with decent success and farm casually for fun while helping each other to improve. Discord Code:7T5WNYG

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    Hey Yaramy,
    Lost Legion was created with a vision. A group of players that all wanted the same thing out of a team. A clan ran by the clan. A place where war-minded players can be with their peers. We are a English speaking clan. That treats each member with respect. Discord is mandatory.

    War, everyone will be tested and evaluated on if they can create an army for a base and carry it out for a three star. War will be planned out by the war leadership group. Targets will be called by everyone using the wmbot on Discord.

    Leadership, CoLeader is not only a title here it’s earned and worked for. There are several job positions for our CoLeaders. There is a recruiting team, a War planning team, an advertising team, and a Core Leadership team. The Title Leader will be passed by the Core Leadership to ensure each one is held to the same standard. Not one member of Lost Legion deserves a spot on the team. Each member is working to keep their spot.

    Everyone will be expected to carry their weight through CGs, War, and Donations. If, this sounds like something you would be interested in being a part of please apply on our Discord channel.

    Mr. Means

    You can find our clan with this link

    To join our discord and apply use this invite code

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    Cool [Recruiting] | Mutant Family | Single TH Level War Clans (TH8 & TH9)

    If you're still looking, check us out...

    Mutant 8
    | TH8-only | | #VYLGYRLV | 💪🐲🤜
    Mutant 9 | TH9-only | | #20RJG2P28 | 💪😈🤜

    Join in Discord and then in game.

    We are serious war clans for people who want to be the very best at their TH level: masters at every attack strategy and the toughest bases for anyone to try to beat — not people trying to quickly move on to the next TH level.

    We are looking for people who have either already been through the grind of TH levels and want to focus on one of them, or people who would rather perfect one TH at a time before moving on.

    1. Participate in wars.
    2. Communicate on Discord.
    3. Be excellent to each other... and party on!

    If you are interested, we are also looking for mature & chill co-leaders to help grow and manage the clan.

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    PRISM - LEVEL 13 [#8YC8PP88]
    Main clan requirements:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - Confident war attacker
    - TH9 (50 combined hero’s)
    - TH10 (60 combined hero’s)
    - TH11 (80 combined hero’s)
    - TH12 (100 combined hero’s)

    Extension clan welcomes:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - All players of all town hall and hero levels including beginners and rushed accounts. If you don’t meet the main clan requirements, join here for the meantime.

    CWL? We have the two clans mentioned above, plus an additional (Serenity - Level 12) which we open solely for the purpose of running a third CWL. We split members from Prism and Trojan into 3 fair groups to optimise rewards.

    We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games and WAR CONSTANTLY in both clans, you can opt out whenever necessary. No war pressure, just follow the war plan and use both attacks accordingly.

    We have a KIK group where we chat (it’s much easier than the in game keyboard and keeps your number private). It is mandortory for war as we discuss and post war plans there.

    We are a very active and competitive group, we like to win; however we play this game for fun alongside our busy schedules and jobs. Thanks to the clan being international (mostly USA/UK), donations are never left hanging and we friendly challenge for practise, there’s always room for improvement!

    If either clan sounds like the right clan for you, just mention ‘Lea in forums’ upon joining. Unsure? Add me as a friend and I will invite you to the appropriate clan.

    For any interest in clans merging, please add me on KIK to discuss further.

    My tag #2RQ9VUPV2
    KIK: LeaAtPrism

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