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Thread: War attacks notification

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    I think it will be great that during Wars we will be able to Get a notifications When a member is attacking or when the opponent is attacking,it will Be amazing when sometimes we are stressed during tough wars and don't want to miss an important attack,It will be Very helpful and appreciated.
    I'm pretty sure many players would love to have this feature in clan wars

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    In a 50v50 war, do you really think someone wants 200 attack notifications during a war day?

    Edit - and what if you have multiple accounts in different clans/wars. 400+ notifications if the war days are the same? Wow.
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    You can choose if to Disable or Active notification,no one Force you,all I suggest is to have it as an option.
    I'm doing 30vs30 and 40vs40 wars all the time and would love to have this feature and my members in the clan as well

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    I know this is not what your described, but currently you have the clashing swords at the war button. Problem with this is you have to be logged in (fine by me), however you won't notice all the time when somebody is attacking. Maybe a side popup / alert can be made and configurate if you want to see it or not.

    Personally I don't feel the need for a push notification outside the game. I got to many already and disabled them all because of the insane spam.

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