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Thread: Let's Farm - Calm, No Drama, Derby Optional, Democratic Hood - Ready to Grow With Us?

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    Let's Farm - Calm, No Drama, Derby Optional, Democratic Hood - Ready to Grow With Us?

    Let’s Farm! For level 60+ Farmers

    Derby: In our Hood Derby is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL - Some of our members play regularly, some occasionally, and some not at all. We don’t care either way.

    Expectations: We share a lot. Members are kind and helpful. We expect everyone to play in the same way - be thoughtful and not greedy. We ask folks not to take more than 2 things from the RSS unless the items have been there a while. Of course we know people sometimes get enthusiastic and grab more or too early; we are human and we all make mistakes and as long as we don’t repeat them it is just fine.

    Communication and Support: This can be a chatty neighborhood. Feel free to chat when you like or all the time. If you see something you do or do not like, speak up. All the members really care about our hood and will help or lend support.

    Town: Most of our hoodies are active with their towns. We like it when people play the towns and when they support others in their efforts to grow and look after them.

    Democratic: This is a real democracy - no active leader: we all participate. This takes the pressure off the one person and allows us all to have a say in the day-to-day running of the hood. We have found this works very well!

    International: While we are an English speaking hood, we have members from all around the world. From the UK, USA, Germany, Holland, India, Taiwan, and Australia. This means someone will be online pretty much all the time - sometimes alone and often with several members active together. We think the International aspect adds a huge fun factor to the game!

    Logo: Green Lobster against a blue circle. Tag: #8Q9Q2PR9

    Please let me know if you have any questions!!
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    Time for some FUN! Come and join the no-derby/derby optional hood! #8Q9Q2PR9
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    I'm looking for a hood to join that's laid back...

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    I am currently in hood that are rarely active or talk. Have never changed a hood, so dont know how. Play a quicky a day, but mostly weekends. From South Africa. Unfortunately only level 52. Should i rather wait till i am on level 60. Realy looking for relaxed but at least playing/sharing hood?
    Regards Jacky

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    I'd be interested in joining. I took a break for quite a while, but I'm back into the game.

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    Are you still recruiting? You sound just like what we are looking for. There are 3 of us. Thanks!

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