If you are interested in being part of a great neighborhood, here are our "rules"...

We don't have any minimum requirement for tasks/points, as I've always figured that ANY completed task is better than sitting there like a slug and sucking up the prizes that everyone else works so hard to win. We do delete most tasks <280 pts.

Don't ask for free items if you aren't willing to donate. Don't join the neighborhood and immediately start demanding building & farm expansion items. Be a good neighbor first and you'll be surprised at how generous we are.

I stopped keeping a spreadsheet when Hay Day started doing the automatic opt-out of inactive players.

PLEASE discuss it with me (or other leaders/elders) if something happens and you know you're going to be inactive for a period of time.

WE TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT. Communication is VITAL to what's going on in the game, and in our real lives! We have a Facebook page where it is MUCH easier to have a conversation. One of our elders posts special events weekly so it's easier for everyone to plan ahead.

Seriously, we love our neighbors and our hood and are all about having fun and trying to win a few bonuses in the process.

Please check us out - we cut back to just a dozen active players last year and now we are trying to build back up again.