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Thread: Join Polar Bear Ranch! Serious Derby Players please!

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    Champions League Polar Bear Ranch (#2UJ92QRQ) Wants ACTIVE Derby Players!

    Champions League neighborhood wants grow with new ACTIVE members, who want to work together as a team to do well in the derby and earn horseshoes and trophies!
    We are a polite neighborhood that likes to chat and help each other.
    We have members from USA to Australia and everywhere in between. English is required in chat.

    We do not require 300+ tasks. All we ask is that you do your best, PARTICIPATE, and work as a team. If you can't do derby tasks just opt out for a week.

    Do not join, then disappear. Inactive members will be kicked out.

    Our neighborhood name is Polar Bear Ranch (purple shovels on a pink background)
    Neighborhood Tag is #2UJ92QRQ

    Join now before the next derby begins!
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    Get started before the next derby!

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    Join us now!

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    New derby starts in less than 24 hours! Get started with us today!

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