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    Hi, I was wondering if I should wait till next CWL and buy 2 hammer of buildings or 2 hammer of heros? I am going to TH10 soon, and I don't want to wait for 7 days for a spell factory upgrade and I dont want to wait 12 days for a dark baracks upgrade, but I want to also want to use the 2 hammer of heros so I can finish my king to lvl 30. Any advice on what to buy?

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    That's your wish. But I suggest to save medals, cause upgrade times in Th10 are not that long.
    Make all your builders upgrade something and use builder potions instead.

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    It's all about value to you. There is no right or wrong answer. Personally, I use books and medals on things that annoy me. Barracks and heroes are my main focus for them as I don't like the increased build time or no heroes. However, you can get hero books in clan games from the trader reasonably frequently. So, for me, I'd probably do two barracks. Or one and spell factory. Nice thing is, there will continue to be more leagues and games so it's not like it is a final decision.

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    Whatever hammer you need most buy it
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    If you do decide to buy hammer of heroes, I would not recommend you use it on your King but your AQ instead. Even then, you should probably not use the hammer of heroes until the wait times are 7 days and require a bigger chunk of DE.

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    I will save e medals for sure. They are not available through trader and also not available to buy in store. To me they are really rare n precious

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    It's all about personal preferences.

    I used Hammers on The Siege Workshop and one Dark Barracks (and a Book on the other Dark Barracks) simply because THOSE upgrades prevent me from playing efficiently in Titan1 and above.

    So, it was a timing issue for me.

    When I upgrade Royals, I upgrade them on 3.5 day intervals, keeping both down at the same time. I keep them down until they are maxed. I adjust to the fact that I have no heroes and concentrate on getting the resources needed before one of them wakes up.

    BUT .. before I start on the Hero Grind, I always upgrade the Spell Factory first. On TH12, I put down the SiegeWorkshop, before even starting the Hero Grind.

    When the extra SiegeWorkshop and Dark Barracks levels were introduced, I already had maxed heroes and the upgrades would have disturbed my normal play time too much for too long .. Hammer Time!

    Advice on the use of Hammers is therefore very hard to give. I'd say, that you have to do what feels right to you. Getting ONE hero up 2 levels will not max your heroes any faster. Getting BOTH up ONE level, will give you the chance to get them both done 1 week faster.

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    I have a couple of bases that need dark barracks upgraded. Those are painful unless you in a position to raid with goblins.

    I wait until I have a book of building for the dark barracks. To me, a hammer is to valuable. The book of building will come. In my case, I'm only getting reduced time on cooking.

    If you are trying to unlock something, you're not ready to go to TH10. I also wouldn't go to TH10 without 30/30 Royals but that's your call.

    You are right about not wanting to wait 7 days for the spell factory. I did that with my first TH10 and it was painful. I'd wait if I were you.

    It also depends on what your clan needs and you'll be more valuable as a 10 in CWL. TH9 has been my favorite for a long time but no more. Trying to not use 9s in our wars any more but we still have a lot of them. I get why you want to go and for me it would be about the clan, not myself. Do you need to be a 10? Yes, you do. But only if you're ready.
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    Actually waiting for next update...up ur hero first..

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