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Do you have a link to the ruled-out idea?

And the relevant part of that post:

Clan Related:
*Add other clan requirements to apply besides trophies, ex: Specific troop lvl, TH lvl, lab lvl, game lvl
*Customizable clan flag
*Add ability to send short message to rejected applicants similar to when expelling
*A large text area for clan rules that just the clan can see (separate from public clan description)
*Leader (and co-leaders) ability to delete messages in chat
*Modify clan msg of player joining with who invited player: xx joined clan, invited by xx
*Add clan rank to Clan Info Screen – Quicker to reference than scrolling to end of top 200 list
*Increase clan size: 75 or 100 are most common requests
* Separate Elder+ chat tab in-game
*Ability to set points threshold required in order to gain rewards from clan games or to vary the tier received according to individual contribution.