Level: 14
Members: 42/50
War League: Crystal I (promoted in January 2019)
Leader: *HumbleSmerr* (level 193) #YL902YCLQ
Language: English Preferred.

About The Clan:
We always complete clan games not like that is too much of a shock. We will be warring 24/7 to increase the clan level and loot as much as possible. During Clan war leagues we have been swapping in and out all TH10 accounts as the last three war members to allow all clan members to earn more war medals. Though the clan is hoping to push into Master League if not Champion so Th11+ is greatly needed. We have won 307 wars and lost 150 ish hoping to turn that percentage around and increase our wins more with good war attackers.

Be active - As in do both war attacks.
Donate - As in take care of other clan members to include yourself.
Polite - Treat all members with respect if there is a dilemma or issue mention it to one of the co's to help moderate and relieve the situation.
Th9+ Max Account / Heroes- 20+
Promotions: Elder can be received easily through 3k donations , or 3k clan games, and or phenomenal war attacks.
Co/Leader is received from significant donations, always max clan games, decent war attacker, and attitude/activeness.

Last but not least please do not beg for troops or promotions, wrongful donations can cause immediate removal from the clan.

Clash on Ladies and Gentlemen.

Clash of Clan Leader,