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Thread: [Level 9 Clan] THE_VIKINGS - Looking for active war participants

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    [Level 9 Clan] THE_VIKINGS - Looking for active war participants

    Hello! Thank you for checking out our clan information and recruitment page. We are an active and friendly community based clan, composed of an ever growing and diverse player base. Our goal is to provide a place where all of the players can connect, learn, achieve their goals, make friends, and most importantly have fun!

    We commonly host a wide range of events, Clan Wars, Clan Games, Clan War Leagues, and much more. We like to make sure everyone can find something to participate in.

    Whether you like to war or just socialize, we would love for you to join us.

    Here is a brief history of our clan:

    Our old leaders were a group of friends in school back in 2015. The clan was once very successful, with 40 members and winning several wars. A corrupt co-leader decided to instantly kick at least 30 members in the clan, leaving us struggling with 10. A recruitment drive helped get the clan back on its feet, however the members were quite inexperienced and we lost several wars, leading to another downfall and leaving us in the state we are currently in. Our current state is a level 9 clan with 15 members, doing 5v5 wars on the weekdays and 10v10s on the weekends. We hope to improve our player count and war size, as well as clan games participation and clan war league ranking. As of now, we rank in Silver 2, but wish to go as far as we can and push our limits. We always strive for the best in this clan and accept new players as well as veterans.


    ~ Below is the list of our current requirements to join our clan ~

    Town Hall 4 or higher, non rushed

    We encourage everyone who meets our requirements and agrees to our small set of reasonable guidelines to Join us! Thanks for checking us out, and we look forward to seeing you in game!

    1) No malice - banter/civilised debates are fine, but ensure that they stay within the range of politeness.

    2) No unwarranted disclosing of information related to other people - do not provide information about them which they have revealed to you in confidence.

    3) No explicit content- no pornographic discussions, etc

    4) Please do not have offensive names.

    5) If you have a problem please go seek out any leader, otherwise if a resolution cannot be mutually agreed upon, you may contact higher.

    6) If you leave the clan and re-join, your rank will start over and you will have to earn it the same as any new member. Fresh Umbrella. The very few exceptions have to be approved by leaders. If you leave the clan 3 times, you will be treated as a hopper and be permitted from participating in wars or being promoted.

    In addition to the above rules, official Supercell Terms of Service and Safe and Fair Play guidelines apply to the clan. However, we aren't snitches, but we can't lie for you whenever Supercell finds out these have been violated.

    Our in game ranks will be based on how active you are while in the clan. Also participation in clan events is appreciated and will factor in to ranks and promotions.

    ~ Here is our current ranking system:

    - Member: This rank will be received when you join the clan.

    - Elder: This rank will be received upon reaching achieving satisfactory participation in 5 consecutive wars while in the clan, and also one instance in which 2000 points are gained in clan games.

    Administration roles and higher will be determined based off of participation and activity, like-ability and helpfulness throughout the clan. You have proven that you are fit to to have a leadership role, and you are willing to help with anything that is needed from you. These roles will be decided and considered by the Admin+ team and the ranks will be awarded if and when we reach a general consensus.


    If you wish to join, please post your player tag as well as username and then send me a friend request to #QJY892VP (The Reaper). The process is simple - I will either send you a friend request or accept yours and then invite you to the clan. If you do not meet requirements, you will be given until your "New" tag disappears to meet the requirements. Failure to do so in the time frame will result in a kick, however you may reapply when you do meet the requirements.

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