We are looking for:
TH9-TH12 players that are interested in CWL and regular war, who always use both attacks and use 3-star attack strategies.
We also accept players of any level, who max out in clan games and want to farm with consistent clan castle donations.

About us:

We are a US based clan of adults. We donate frequently (sometimes at all hours of the night). We have no required donation ratios; players are encouraged to request troops as often as they like. Reciprocation is not expected. Our attitude is relaxed, but we always try to 3 star our war opponents. We always max out in clan games. Players who consistently miss their war attacks and/or freeload in clan games do not last long.

We have a core group of players who have been with the clan for 2+ years. With the addition of CWL and clan games, we have opted to add new players. We have found there is no shortage of players who are inconsistent with using war attacks, refuse to learn 3 star strategies and/or won't listen to constructive feedback. We are looking for players who share our mentality:

  • If you opt in for war, always use your attacks and always try to 3 star. Asking for advice is always welcome. Consistently asking "what strat should I use on #X?" or requesting "anything" for war cc troops tells us you're not really putting in the effort to succeed.
  • Contribute your fair share in clan games. We all have lives and understand that things get busy sometimes. Occasional low clan games participation is ok; frequent freeloading is not.
  • If a player has a specific troop request, respect that. Don't troll people with goblins.
  • Balanced offense and defense is important. We have no rushed/engineered bases in war.

We typically do regular war on Wednesdays and Sundays. We always participate in Clan War Leagues. We are currently in Gold II. I expect that with the addition of a few like-minded TH9-TH12s, we will improve our standing.

To join, send a request in-game and mention that you came from the forums in your message.