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Thread: 120 looking for a forever home

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    120 looking for a forever home

    Looking for a hood that does 300+ is laid back and fun ...... I do derby derby is fun but need to be relaxed derby not agreesive please... Iím more about getting the top 3 and prizes than the trophies but I do my part in derby sometimes Iíll do 10th task to help us succeed to get to number one .Looking for an almost full hood that loves to help cause I love to help ... been playing for almost 5 years and love hay day... if u think ur hood got what it takes to be my new forever home send me a message .... thanks

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    In many ways we meet your criteria (how we play Derby ) except we are not a "helping" nh, we are independant farmers but help is available with !

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    We’re a fit! Come check us out just for a few hours.....

    Coral Reef #YR92Y2PU

    A few spots left!!
    We are seeking Serious Derby, active, helpful, friendly players.

    Top three is our goal and we almost always get a trophy each week.

    We need players that enjoy the derby and work their towns!

    Players do 9 tasks at over 305 points for regular derby. Most do 10 tasks. Diamonds are yours so you use them as you see fit.

    We have point minimum of 2745, 305 x 9 (hit target point to be made an elder). We are forgiving if you have a bad week. We ask for players to complete all 9 tasks if they opt in derby.

    We are an international team with players from the USA, Europe, and Australia. Someone is always on!

    Give and take on donations, please don't just take, but give back as well. We try to help each other achieve generous neighbor achievement. Sell, trade, be fair!

    We have an optional outside chat through Kik. We prefer to mainly chat about the game and strategize.

    Adults only please.

    We are here to have fun. No drama zone! It is just a game after all....that we can win!

    We would love to have you join us if you feel like we are a good fit.

    Coral reef tag #YR92Y2PU look for blue star with purple lobster

    English speaking only please.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    🐬🐟Coral Reef🦀🐠 Tag #YR92Y2PU

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    Room for 4! Let's have some fun! Come make new friends😄 We have earned 76 🏆 gold trophies! C'mon over & join us! 🏇

    ❤Hi! I am Gina, leader of the wonderful neighborhood called Farming Fools! If you are looking for a fun place to hang out while farming, come join us!

    We have been active since 2014! Over 4 years ago we formed this AMAZING neighborhood! 📅

    We have won 76 golden trophies 🏆🏆We are amazing & awesome!!! 🐎🐎🐎 You can be too!

    If you are active, chatty and helpful, please consider joining our group. You will be amazed by our generosity and teamwork! 😱

    We are dedicated to running a peaceful and fun neighborhood and committed to making sure all of our fellow members needs are met!

    Championship league is where we like to be and for regular derbies everyone finishes all nine tasks at minimum of 310 pts. 10th is optional.

    **Bingo,Special and Mystery derbies 320- 400 point minimum depending on what the max points are for that week **

    We are team players with great communication! We are looking for like minded team players. Humor is welcome!🐧

    **The leader may always be bribed with a glass of wine 🍷***

    Please be at least level 45 😀

    Also be over 21 years old, thank you!

    Please request to join our private Facebook group under the same name of Farming Fools! This is where are neighborhood guidelines are posted. Search for Farming Fools! Dont forget the ! at the end and request in!

    ** We use Fb Messenger. This is so we can communicate and very essential during BINGO and themed derby weeks 🗨️🗯️👍

    Please be courteous upon joining by introducing yourself.
    We always look forward to meeting new members! 😍

    After joining our Facebook or messenger and reading the nh guidelines you will immediately be made an ELDER!

    Nh id is #GLLPRUU

    Love to meet you soon!❤❤❤

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    Come join a great hood... tag# J8UGP9U

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    WEST COAST DERBY = New Hood looking for fun derby players!! ��

    Neighborhood name: WEST COAST DERBY
    New neighborhood, who aims for top Derby levels each week with a helpful spirit
    Level 10+
    Red Heart with green Cat
    Neighbourhood tag: #PR22UU2C

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    Looking For New Members above level 50

    Exception can be made for lower level, please ask.

    We are a super friendly, supportive group, we help each other & just enjoy the game.

    We are champion league but know that life comes first. If we have a bad week it's not the end of the world. It is a game after all, and it's supposed to be fun, right?

    We don't have a lot of rules and no drama. Diamonds not required for task 10 in derby, #10 is totally optional. Will consider a player with a lower level if they are active.

    Our members are English speaking US & EU various time zones and some insomniacs so location doesn't matter. Send us a message if interested or search on our tag from your neighborhood house.
    NEIGHBORHOOD = 24 X 7 Ships wheel on pink background tag # URJJ9Y.
    Hope to see you soon....Mary (gypsyrio)

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    Hey Peaches. We're small but actively recruiting. Crazy Cactus 🌵 is our hood and PGRRU9VL is our tag. I could send a complicated cut and paste post, but we're a good group, nough said. Xo

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    I may jump on this. My hood over the last 2 years, has somehow become overly aggressive on Derby, I saw it slowly change. I do ten, 320s/400s, but getting squaked at during mystery derby because I have only done 4 tasks by Wednesday PM (1 bacon, 1 goat milk, towny ... but a mining... but still.)

    That's not fun, I like derby, and pointing out weird HD things (like what does a hamburger show lettuce and cheese in the icon, but not require it, nor ketchup... and who dies a scarf using strawberry juice?)

    ... I like to do thematical giveaways (Taco Tuesdays, Jewlery sales, etc...).

    A LVL 140 with another person... a LVL 64 sidekick whom does derby, and donates. We're gentlemen, and will finish out thru Sunday, and come back here.

    Am in California.

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