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Thread: Keep getting Login failed.

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    So I’ve found it eventually resolves itself, I got back in once, then was getting the error again and then was able to get back in again after a while and now it’s happening again. I suspect it’s a server side problem.

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    Yes, i have the same problem still...Login Failed.

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    I have the same issue. Happened to me just now again same time as yesterday.

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    My 2nd day of CoC login error! it doesnt even show the supercell logo.. The app just shuts down.. after a while

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    Are you guys using iOS or Android devices, and how old are they? There’s a known problem with the iOS update 12.3.1. I’m having problems with a 6 year old iPad Air and am waiting for iOS 12.3.2.

    Closing down all apps and then opening Clash usually solves the problem.
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