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Thread: Expansion permits

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    Quote Originally Posted by JemimaPD View Post
    Neither of my 2 farms got a permit in the derby prizes this week. If the derby is the main place to receive them you would think they would at least be offered in the applicable columns without having to shuffle.
    I haven't even finished the first lot of permit land yet &, obviously, the second lot is going to take loads of them to unopen. And yet the rate I'm getting permits has decreased remarkably. I used to get at least 1 from the derby so they would steadily build up, now they even seem to have disappeared from there!
    I'm in Championship league and had no permits in my derby rewards. I had to spin 3 times (15 diamonds) to get 1 permit! At the rate of 1 per week it will take over 2 years to complete. I give up - will not be spending any more diamonds on them

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    Earlier I made a thread to thank Supercell for bringing back scrolls in the treasure chests. I did not realize that it was only in the 20 diamond chest, and that there was such a low percentage of getting one. I hope that they take notice of how upset everyone is, and bring back the ability to get expansion permits at a rate that will not take years to open land.

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    I had to shuffle a few times to get 2 permits. I keep saying Iím not going to, but when it comes to Monday morning, I just canít resist. Then I get annoyed with myself for doing it. I donít like the decorations, Iíd like - but donít *need* the land & yes, itís messy so it annoys me, but I just need to live with that! For ME, itís really just that itís Ďthereí so it needs doing. Sigh.

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    3 years

    I have cleared 3 pieces. I still need 130 plus permits to clear. At the rate in which we receive them it will take us 3 years to clear the extra land they gave us. If you think 10 permits is bad for a piece there are pieces that require 13. This game is getting worse everyday. Prizes for derby are not worth the hassle and I have had 3 weeks with no permits even showing up.

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    Post Extension permits

    It seems that since the big up-date that added many new lands to develop the extension permits are very elusive.Since January I only found 2 and that is counting the one I receive in the last derby.It seems that you could place more of them in mystery boxes, special boat surprises and derbies.Hope you will hear this from a long time regular player and Iím sure that a lot of regular players are awaiting this eagerly.Thanks for listening

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    I have finally collect enough land expansion items to buy two pieces of Land i really want, problem is for the last 4 months I have been stuck with 4 scrolls and try farm more and open boxes. The 4 i did get i bought from my neighbourhood valley shop. Please supercell fix this lack of scrolls.!

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