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Thread: [RECRUITING] Phish Phighters | Level 15 WAR Clan | CWL Master III | Need TH 10+

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    [RECRUITING] Phish Phighters | Level 15 WAR Clan | CWL Master III | Need TH 10+

    We are the Phish Phighters, a clan of responsible adults that like to play Clash on the side. We have been around since Clash's first birthday and are a tight knit group of a bit over 15 people. We are now looking to expand our horizons and take on new members. We may not no-life Clash, but we love the game and love winning sweet prizes and loot. We each pull our weight in Clan Games, War, and donations, and are looking for SOLID TH 10+ players to join us and do the same. If interested simply request to join and we will briefly evaluate your account for basic leveling, then welcome you into the clan to see if you are a good fit. English Speaking Only. Time zones from across the US. International players welcome.

    Clan Tag: #8YQPGL9Y

    • We will accept those that have their base, heroes and troops at near max-level for the previous town hall
    • War frequency is preferably always, at least weekly - keep opt in/out status updated regularly
    • Respect and maturity is crucial. We will be understanding of individual performances in war (everybody has room to improve), but NEVER miss a war attack if opted in, except in the case of unavoidable circumstances
    • Each member is expected to pull their own weight, and at the very least --avoid being a burden-- to other members. This means participating in war or clan games when needed and able, as well as giving as good as you get in donations. NO freeloaders, and COMMUNICATE if you will be --unavailable for events/an extended period of time
    • We all lead busy lives but cut some time out of our days to Clash together and compete for some sweet loot. If this sounds like a community you want to be a part of, then please check us out!
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