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Thread: Best Strategy for DE for a starting Th9?

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    Best Strategy for DE for a starting Th9?

    Title pretty much says it. I'm having a bit of a struggle getting DE. I started Th9 a while ago. I've done almost all of my elixir upgrades in the lab but none of my DE upgrades since I don't get enough DE. I haven't even got my Archer Queen to Level 10, it's still Level 9. So I just want to know the best army to use and the League/Trophy Range which will give me the most Dark Elixir. I know that by this point I should have at least 10/10 heroes and a couple of DE lab upgrades done.

    Oh btw I have 220 Army camps spaces, 9 spell spaces and 30 CC troop space.
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    First you gotta farm specifically for de. if the base has over 3k de then I dont care how much gold/ elixir it offered. For comps I used gob knife and loonion. gob knife is a little more risky, but is versatile at both picking collectors and getting into the core to annihilate th and de storage.

    Gob knife: 100 gobs, 12 giants 12 wizard, the rest wall breakers. I usually use 2 rage 1 heal and a jump. first rage for initial entry helps wall breakers really make a path then use jump to get to core and rage and heal the gobs thru the core. the giants and wiz are to clear a funnel to the core. then use 3 fingers to drop the gobs. making sure they are tageting the core before deploying them all. I usually drop 2 phases of gobs so they dont all get caught in the same splash damage.

    Loonion i use 34 loons, 20 minions. always bring a poi for air skellys imo. other than that Ive done 3 rage 1 heal or 3 rage 2 haste or 2 rage 1 heal 2 haste. haste is great for entry and rage over queen or ads. you can get by with lvl4 minions but lvl5 does make a difference.

    Right now im in low masters3 Hitting for 3k de per hit. crystal was ok the bases are noticeably easier but found myself searching too long for a good payout. so I went back to low masters, the loot bonus is sweet too, 500 de per win

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    This is my DE farming troops
    Around 270k elix to cook, but its worth it...
    This worked even for TH8 maxed troops.

    Recommended trophy range is 2000+
    Dont mind my thropies in the pic , im doing clan games thats why my trophies dropped.
    I usually get 1-2 star with this strat.
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    I use 18 Giants, 30 Wizards and 5 WB. I can take DE from active (and TH10) bases so donít need to search very long to find one with lots of DE. Depending on the base Iíll split up the team and take all the Drills or I create a funnel and take the DE Storage. If I need non DE resources Iíll use it similar to Barch (spread out)

    The key is knowing how to create an effective funnel. You need to visualize where the giants will go and strategically use wizards to influence their direction. Sometimes it is a two step process. I clear one side completely then bring in 5 or so wizards that go straight for DE (closet building). If I canít visualize the path to the DE I skip the base.

    With this setup I always use all Giants and just enough wizards for DE and to get 1 Star. I save remaining wizards for next war.

    My heroís have been upgrading non stop and I rarely use troop boost. And this (obviously) works without Heroís

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    How do you use the strat?

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    Use batch . I had the same problem . I was rushed player so did not have queen and only lvl1 king . Use 90 barbs and 130 Arch's . heroes optional and spells not at all . Find dead bases . they have loot in drills . send barbs first Arch's from behind . Make circles with them all around the base . You will get 1-2 stars and tremendous loot . You will also get huge gold and elixir . Also ,with max troops , the cost of this army is just 50000 elixir . You should be in gold 3 for this and once you have practised it , this will take your trophy higher . it works in any league and I personally used it in Champion 2 as th10 and in every league up to master in th9.

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    Watch this video . it will

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