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Thread: Fable Warriors - LVL 5 - CWL - CW - Clan games

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    Fable Warriors - LVL 5 - CWL - CW - Clan games

    —- Fable Warriors —-
    Quick facts
    * Level 5 clan
    * War frequency - Always
    * We do CWL (Gold III)
    * Always max Clan Games
    * Always donate what is asked
    * #LUYVVC29
    Hello and welcome to our clan recruitment page!

    We are currently looking for TH6 and up, prefer non rushed bases.

    Hero requirements at each town hall are.
    TH8 - 10
    TH9 - 20/20
    TH10 - 30/30
    TH11 - 40/40
    TH12 - 45/45

    We are looking for good active members that can have a laugh, we are a small clan with 17/50 members, if you are looking for a good clan that loves war and does clan games we are the clan for you, we always have a member or two online. We are international as long as you can speak English.

    If you missed it our hashtag is #LUYVVC29

    —- List of our Leader and Co’s —-
    Leader - xClarky
    Co - LT Douglas
    Co - Memphis7
    Co - ~xConnor~

    We are currently working on getting discord for out clan so anyone can ask for anything if need be.

    Thank you for reading and hope you join the Warriors!

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