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Thread: THE 6iXERS is recruiting ( A place to learn and improve)

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    THE 6iXERS is recruiting ( A place to learn and improve)

    Hello guys

    We are searching for active, adult, hardcore members to help build this new clan preferably of similar timezone ( GMT +0 to GMT +2)
    TAG: #28RYCVPG8

    ADULT: Heh not necessarily gray haired, mature will do.. we are aware that age doesn't mean anything but the state of mind. However after some time in this game we have observed that young people quite often are drived by emotions not by logic thinking. It's also a bit harder to help them to improve, because of self thinking but thats also adults thing
    So, if you are mature and can have a fun conversation you are more than welcome

    ENGLISH: Because we want to chat and play together, not one of those clan where the clan chat is used to make request only, hence the timezone, you dont want to login and find that you are the only one online cause everyone is sleeping while you are having lunch break, besides you wont get donation for hours which can be frustrating, you wont like it, neither will we.. And this is not a boring clan

    RULES: This is a fairly new clan, we are not necessarily searching for high town hall player alone but also newbies who want to build the clan as they progress the game, slowly and steadily no rush, maybe you are not an expert in clan war or games well this here is a place to improve no pressure...

    DONATION: As a rule of thumb the donation ratio should be kept at 1:2 per session.. Donate what is requested. Without any doubt, nobody wants to get something else than was requested. No matter the townhall level you have, you can for sure donate units too, of course more welcomed is 2:1. Its a clan (teamwork), no one wants to be the work while others are just.. well teaming to drain one's elixir

    CLAN WAR: When you are "Green" for war, and you are taken, you have to make your war attacks. If there are targets for you. Even if you think you cant take on an opponent you must use your attacks as scouts to trigger traps for other players to better attack the base

    CLAN GAMES: Everyone is expected to participate in clan games, not talking about accomplishing 1 challenge and hoping the rest of the clan will do the job.. Points earned will be noted and will be the determinant for promotion

    -Non active players are kicked. If you are inactive for more than a month without saying anything about such absence, you will be kicked for sure, we don't want to have 50 members clan where just 2 are playing.
    - Only english is allowed on clan chat. No exceptions.
    - Nobody except from you playing 24/7. Of course you can take a break, you can make just 1 attack per day, thats ok.

    (Tag: #28RYCVPG8)
    1. Active
    2. Communication in English
    3. Adults
    4. In war 24/7
    Again this is a new clan.. looking for members who are mature, patient and loyal to help build the clan together, learn and improve.. thats the goal

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